How long should the quartz watch be replaced?

- May 08, 2019-

Quartz watch is different from mechanical watch. Since quartz watch is based on battery power as kinetic energy, it is necessary to replace the battery after a period of time. If the quartz watch is not replaced in time, it may cause the battery to leak and corrode the movement. So, how often does the quartz watch change the battery?

How long does the quartz watch change battery?

Today's quartz watches generally have a battery life indicator function.

The three-needle (or second hand) quartz watch basically has a battery life indication function. When the battery capacity is about to run out and the voltage starts to drop, the second hand will pause for 4 seconds and then jump for 4 seconds. (Early The watch is paused for 2 seconds, and then jumps for 2 seconds. This function is called EOL. (This phenomenon must be replaced in time, and the watch can be transported for about one week to half a month. (Two-needle quartz watch does not have this function) General quartz watch battery can be used for 2-3 years

The big pit of the watch to change the battery

The craftsman once heard of such a thing: a watch shop, into some inferior batteries. The customer brought a good watch and they asked for a high price. This should be replaced with a genuine original battery, but they replaced the customer's watch with a poor quality battery, and promised to go for 2 years, there are problems to come. Even some are not professional enough, the Japanese movement uses Japanese-made batteries, and the Swiss movement also uses Japanese-made batteries. In this way, it seems awkward.....

Inferior batteries are definitely not enough to go to 2 years, and even if they are not half a year, they will not leave. At this time, the customer will definitely find them. At this time, they said that there is a problem with the movement. It may be dirty, it needs to wash oil, or a circuit board is broken and needs to be changed. I have to pay another sum of money. These two are added together and I earn a lot.

The craftsmen here do not deny that after using for a long time, some quartz watches do need to be washed and maintained. It is not wrong to put a reasonable advice on washing oil maintenance. But sometimes, the situation is obviously wrong.

For example, this watch is a battery that has been changed for 1~2 years. Under the influence of some external factors (such as watch water, fog, battery leakage, etc.), even if the power consumption is a bit large, generally It is not reasonable to stop the battery to stop for a short time.

There is also a strong buy and strong practice, it is clear that the battery is not on time, the "unscrupulous watchmaker" will be replaced by parts or teeth, and need to be replaced as a step by step to get customers to hook. At this time, if the consumer is not willing to replace, then the watchmaker will break the watch.

It is not recommended to replace the battery with your watch.

It is not recommended to replace the battery with your watch.

For the watch to change the battery, there may be some watch friends afraid of the cost of repairing the watch outside is high. Simply put some cheap batteries and so-called tools in a treasure, and plan to do your own food. Take a good watch to practice, and put it on smoothly, then Amitabha. But what's more, the back cover is so messy that you can't open it to fix it; otherwise it's open, you can't close it or you have to fix it.

In addition, the battery purchased on a treasure can not be determined to judge the true and false. It is also the real battery, it also has a warranty period. If the battery is out of warranty or close to the warranty period, then the dealer will sell below the cost.

The general watch battery is a silver oxide battery. Some of the low price is not a silver oxide battery but a lithium battery. It should not be replaced in the watch movement. The life is short and the voltage is unstable, which easily damages the movement. If the battery is out of warranty, the battery capacity is insufficient, and there is a problem that the battery drum is leaking. Serious battery leakage can make the circuit board of the entire movement unusable.

It seems like a simple thing to replace the battery with a watch, but it is necessary to have experience and tactics to make the geese without traces, as far as possible without traces or traces. After switching the back cover of the watch, the waterproof watch should be waterproof, and the necessary vacuum waterproof test equipment should be tested.

There are successive news, and the industry has specialized. Repairing watches is still a relatively professional type of work, so the craftsmen still recommend that the table friends do not take their own love table to do experiments, to avoid saving a little cost and cause greater losses.

Watch battery selection

Watch battery selection

Internationally, the specifications of watch batteries are not standardized, so most brands of quartz watches on the market have batteries specifically designated for use. Some can be used within a certain range, but the watches used for what brands are prescribed, can not be used at will. Replace the battery, usually sent to the professional watch after-sales service point. What kind of battery should be used for electronic watches? Electronic watches must use batteries with small size, maximum capacity and stable voltage, so silver-zinc batteries and zinc-mercury batteries are used. More than the general use of silver and zinc batteries. The difference between the two is that the voltage of the silver-zinc battery is 1.5 volts, and the zinc-mercury battery is one-three volts. The life of silver-zinc and zinc-mercury batteries depends on the capacity of the battery and the power consumption of the watch.