How long is the general service life of quartz watches?

- Apr 08, 2019-

How long is the average life of quartz watches? The average life of pointer quartz electronic watches refers to the life of the machine core. Many people think that the life of quartz electronic watches is too short and not durable. In fact, this view is wrong. A better mechanical watch can last about 20 years, but it needs refueling every three years or so. Because of the wear and tear of mechanical parts, they are often repaired or replaced, and the travel time error will increase accordingly.

Short-term life and long-term life: Generally, the short-term life of quartz wafers is about 5 years, while the long-term life can be about 10-15 years. The service life of watches is closely related to the specific conditions of watch maintenance. If the watches are used and maintained correctly, the service life of watches can be greatly increased, and if the watches are used improperly, the service life of watches will be greatly reduced.

(1) Short-term life refers to battery power exhaustion, short circuit and break of coil components, quartz oscillator leakage, CMOS integrated circuit damage and so on. Replaceable parts can be solved without affecting long-term life.

(2) The long-term life of quartz watches refers to the wear of main splint and small splint holes, which are usually not considered because of the small working dimensions of the machine core. However, the aging life of quartz surface is mainly considered for the machine core with plastic splints and gears. At present, there is no exact data on aging life of m-material in advanced engineering, which should be further assessed. However, the price of the pointer-type famous quartz electronic watch is cheap, even if it is damaged, the quartz watch can be replaced.

Quartz core: The core of digital quartz electronic watch is all assembled by electronic components, and its life is longer than that of other world mechanical watches. However, the life of the LCD screen which shows the number is usually about 5 years, and new ones need to be replaced at that time. The replacement of LCD screen is very simple, as long as there are parts, the general repair department can replace it. However, the quality of simple LCD digital quartz electronic meter parts is poor, and its service life can not be guaranteed.

The mechanical parts of pointer quartz electronic watches are very few, and the transmission moment between the parts is only about 1/300 of that of the mechanical watches, so the parts wear very little and are not easy to break down. The life of quartz electronic components can be said to be semi-permanent. Apart from replacing batteries every three years or so, the life of quartz electronic components is much longer than that of mechanical watches.