How does the ceramic watch clean

- Nov 01, 2017-

Ceramic watch gloss, high hardness, no rust color, no pollution, chemical stability. Ceramic watches also need to regularly wipe or clean, if the clean will not affect the image of the watch, if the cleaning time is too long will make the water into the table, it should be noted. So how does the ceramic watch clean?

1.first clean the surface of the strap, and then clean the cracks in the band gap. The connection of these crevices is very close, so it is very difficult to clean the dirty things inside. Now these crevices are rolled out by the book into the cylinder, and naturally you can clean the inside of the dirt.

2.if you use the general cleaning tools, general cleaning tools, including the old toothbrush and watch special washing spirit. The general use of cleaning fluid is 120 aviation gasoline, but because the gasoline has a certain amount of impurities, so the best use of 120 gasoline with filter paper to filter, remove impurities. The cleaned parts must be dried or dried. If necessary, first brush with a brush to the dirt on the table or remove the sludge with a willow stick, and then placed in a clean gasoline cleaning. the cleaning, the watch all the way to push and lock the middle of the process can not operate the watch, cleaning is completed, quickly wipe the watch with a soft dry cloth, it is best to use hair dryer hot air, in the appropriate Keep the watch dry.

4.the effect of dry wipe certainly not as good as water rinse, all dry wipe is also the first to use toothpicks, match sticks class things, first do the stubborn surface stains removed, and then wipe, you can use the kind of cloth cloth. Water immersion and rinse the watch is the premise of the watch must be waterproof and reliable