How does a watch know time

- Mar 14, 2019-

The shortest is the hour hand, the longest is the secondhand, the middle is the minute hand, the longest is a minute, the middle is an hour, the shortest is 24 hours, that is, one day, all the pointers are going forward, that is, right, one big is five small grids, the second is a second, minute is a minute.

Generally, watches and clocks have three needles. First, one often moves the second hand, the other two are not always moving, the long one is the minute hand, and the short one is the hour hand. Short needle points to 11, long needle points to 3, second needle just runs to 6, indicating time is 11:15 30 seconds, that is to say, long needle points to 1, indicating time is 5 minutes, pointing to 2, 10 minutes.

Generally speaking, the number that the short needle points to is just a few points. The long needle starts from 12. Every large number is added 5 minutes, so is the second needle.