How do you use the watch meter

- May 23, 2018-

How do you use the watch meter?

How do you use the watch meter? How to adjust the strap length and size? Because each person's wrist size is different, so in order to meet the larger watch wrist the size of the person. The watch strap is long when the watch is out of the factory. When you get a new watch, the first step is to adjust the length and size of the strap. The common tuner tool is a meter and hammer, which is replaced by the back handle of the modulator without a hammer. The use of the meter is convenient and easy to understand. Directly turn the strap into the thimble of the meter and turn the handle directly. Note that the band must first be determined that the band is not made of gongs but is loaded by nails or hairpins. You can go to the top of the mouth.

1. Compare watch chain direction. Please carefully see clear before to strap down the strap on the back of the arrow, general hand chain on the down arrow is under big of small, bring the form into the groove of adjustable table, according to the aspects of the arrow, hand chain buckle nail Confucius direction. Such as (figure 1)

2. Remove the nail. Unscrew the handle of the meter, put the strap into the table, and keep the steel needle of the discharger on the pinhole of the strap, as (figure 2), tighten it gently, and the steel pin connected to the strap will be pushed out. If the strap is longer, it is recommended to remove the same number of nodes on both sides of the watch chain to ensure the balance of the watch.

3. Reload the nail. After the strap is removed to the appropriate wrist size, connect the broken two bands first, and then press the second step to insert the steel needle into or hit with the hammer. (note: when reassembling the strap, it is best to insert the steel needle in the opposite direction of the arrow, and it is an advanced one on the steel needle day, so that it will be easier to load.