How do you recognize copper case

- Jun 12, 2018-

How do you recognize copper case?

Do you know how to recognize copper case? It doesn't matter if you don't know it.

First of all, according to its material of gold shell, steel shell, aluminum shell, copper shell, titanium shell, alloy shell, plastic shell, wooden shell and so on.

The watch that we touch commonly, use and choose more is the watch of all steel qualitative case and watchband. But what you may not know is that many watches that claim to be made of all steel are actually made of copper. The copper case (also known as the semi-steel case) is more than a few times cheaper to make than a fully steel watch, with more profit to be made. As a result, many merchants will make great efforts to attract buyers' attention by "charging copper with steel" at extremely low prices.

Therefore, in this paper, a simple introduction is made to the method of distinguishing between all-steel watch and semi-steel watch:

1. The coating of all-steel watch case is dark when it is bright, and the shell is round with no sharp sense. The copper watch case coating is bright and white, and the back of the surface ear has sharp edges and corners. The lines vary in depth and depth, and are loosely arranged. The pattern of the whole steel watch case is fine and even, and the arrangement is close and neat.

2. In the angular part of the surface ear (which can be tested on the inside of the back of the surface ear), gently scrape with a knife within a short distance. If the inner part is yellow, it is a copper case.

3. Poor corrosion resistance of copper watch case, easy fading (yellowing or redness), blistering or peeling of coating after improper maintenance for a period of time.