How do they make cheaper alloy ceramic model?

- Oct 20, 2017-

How do they make alloy ceramic model?

As you know, in the market, sometimes we can see some black/white  ceramic looking watches, but they are not as expensive as real ceramic,  how did they make it?

Today you are going to learn a important lesson.

This is an alloy or brass base with a white/black oil painting, good oil like ceramic oil or car oil can make the painting solid and  shine, very good looking, as you can see these supre cars,  the oil painted on the car are very hard and stiffness, the watches also in very good quality, eapecially the car oil painted products, usually the painting layer  vcan last at least 2 years.

But why it is two years?

This also depends on the basic material, the alloy and brass material not like stianless steel material that is high density and good stickiness, once plating the color can not be fade that easy. 

So the quality

Alloy  Brass  Stainless steel

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