How did the famous sapphire watch mirror be made

- May 29, 2018-

How did the famous sapphire watch mirror be made?

On the watch, the watch lens is a very important component, mainly used to isolate water vapor and dust, to protect the watch needle, dial, and movement. But did you know that when the watch was first invented, there was no watch-glass, but a cover over it? Later watchmakers began to use silicate glass as a watch glass, and natural crystals were used to grind the watch mirrors at the same time.

After the 1970s, sapphire watch glasses began to be used in watches. So far, the glass mirror material used by the clock is generally divided into three types: acrylic, general mineral glass and sapphire crystal glass, each of which has good characteristics. The quality of lens of pressing gram force is softer, plasticity is higher, only easier scratches, but also can borrow by polishing recover easily; 

Generally, the mirror of mineral glass is more extensive, and it is very convenient to obtain, but it is medium in the hardness part. Sapphirine crystal glass belong to more advanced glass, widely used in fire becomes crystalline powder inquiry, due to the hardness is very high, so the scratch-resistant wear resistance is very good, and therefore was loved by many senior watch brands. Many sapphirine crystal on the double plating anti-glare function of multilayer film, to avoid any after by light refraction, for example, the one hundred special processing spirit two-sided multilayer sapphire crystal can scatter the light source, especially in direct sunlight and high air, give full play to the function, make the wearer can still clearly read under the sun point-blank, against sabotage. The coated lens has an anti-reflection effect. When there is less reflected light, the natural transmission is very good, with a transmittance of 99%.

How to tell if a mirror is coated? The easiest way to tell is to tilt the mirror so that the effect of the film interference will allow it to be colored (as with glasses).

When buying a watch, listen to the watch is used on sapphire watch lens, can feel this watch very tall certainly go up. But in fact, the sapphire used on the watch is not an expensive natural sapphire, but a genuine artificial sapphire. Let's talk about how sapphires are made.

When it is made, alumina is decomposed at 1200 degrees Celsius, then the material reaches a melting point of 2050 degrees. After 15 hours, a rod will be formed. Reheat at 1800 degrees to ensure material stability.

Next, the diamond polishing blade will cut it to the required thickness, and after grinding it can be made into a curved or semi-circular crystal surface.

After polishing, further chemical polishing of the semi-finished product is required to ensure that the surface can be seamed tightly.

The sapphire mirrors are then headed to a furnace in a dust-free laboratory, where they are treated against stun by sophisticated vacuum evaporation.

After anti-dazzle treatment, the sapphire lens can reduce the reflected light that reaches the naked eye by 99%, which is caused by the layer of blue film that appears faintly.