How can we choose a watch with satisfactory quality?

- Mar 28, 2019-

Know how to choose a woman's watch and how to choose a watch with satisfactory quality? Many people listen to the sound size and height of the watch core to judge the quality of the watch when they choose to buy. In fact, it is not scientific. Balanced, clear and no noise can only prove that the watch core is not faulty. It can not explain the quality of the watch. The quality of the watch is good or bad, mainly by looking at it. The accuracy of its travel time, generally large-scale watch shops will have precision testing equipment, you can ask the shop assistant to check the travel time, if the accuracy does not meet the standard, then obviously this vote is negative.

In addition to accuracy, we need to choose from the following points:

1. Watch appearance: In addition to the brand price, of course, it depends on whether the appearance is suitable for their own aesthetic, whether the case has any marks of abrasion or knock, the surface should be no obvious scratches and trachoma, rhombus symmetry. Watch flip to see if the back cover LOGO is clear and whether the seal ring is exposed.

2. The spacing and position of the pointer: when pulling the head, turn to 3 points, 6 points and 12 points respectively. Carefully observe whether the hour hand and minute needle are combined to align the time scale at ordinary times. There should be a correct safety gap between the needle and needle, dial and mirror, without affecting the accuracy by friction.

3. Check the handles of watches: when unplugging the handles, they should be sensitive, reliable and the pointer should rotate evenly. If the handles are screwed, they can be loosened to see if there is slippery phenomenon. If there is no feeling of tightening or loosening when unplugging the handles, it shows that the proper amount of oil and friction of the sub-wheels are normal, otherwise, the head parts are faulty.

4. Watch the dial: Carefully observe whether the scale on the dial is uniform, whether LOGO is clear, if there is a watch displayed in the calendar, also need to adjust to the 12 o'clock scale nearby to see if the calendar jumps;

5. Ask about the duration of the warranty and whether to provide a global joint guarantee. Check the complete package of watches, make sure that the certificate boxes are complete, with relevant documents such as instructions, and be sure to ask for invoices so as to provide the certificates for future warranty.