Horologe complete works of technical term

- May 28, 2018-

1.Fine Time Adjustment

 A precise timing device. The tuning lever can be adjusted to a more accurate time.


The number of vibrations per hour.


Waterproof. Most waterproof watches have waterproof rings on watch case, glass and crown.


A beryllium bronze alloy used to make the most advanced balance balance wheel.

5.Gold Plating

Gold is coated on metal surface by electroplating technology, and its thickness is in the form of micron.


One of the mechanical watches must be clockwork by hand rotation every day to get the power of the core movement.

7.Hertz Heinrich

German physicist (1857-1894).H (vibrational number, unit of rate, abbreviated Hz), the number of cycles per second. For example, 4Hz indicates that the new rate of this table is 4, that is, the balance wheel swings back and forth four times per second.

8.High Frequency Movement

The core vibration of the high frequency meter must be more than 28800 times per hour.


The name of the trademark of a Swiss shockproof device.

10.Instantaneous Date

The calendar or date bar that displays the date goes forward in the middle of the night.


Ruby.Used for the core.(Attention, ruby in the machine,It's generally synthetic.)

12.ewelled Lever Escapement

A fork with an artificial Ruby pawl.