High level of imitation table and common sense of identification

- Apr 02, 2019-

Luxury watches have always been the pursuit of many watchmates. The high price of Swiss watches has also led to high imitation watches in China. At present, Guangzhou is a high imitation table distribution center in China, gathering global merchants. High imitation watches market is mixed, many versions, a model of watches. There are hundreds to thousands of prices, which will undoubtedly confuse many buyers. Especially the new sellers, will be dizzy to see. I would like to share with you the experience of purchasing high imitation watches.

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I. Purchasing Ways

Buying in the real market: The high imitation watch market mainly concentrates in the west of Guangzhou Station. There are many watch cities. But now, due to the investigation and prosecution of industry and commerce, the ports generally do not store spot goods, and there are also some sales points hidden in office buildings. Most businessmen mainly run ordinary imitation watches.

Online Wechat Purchase: Due to the strict management of some online shopping platforms, it is more and more common for high imitation tables to be sold through Wechat.

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1. One-to-One Swiss Core

This is first class. The case is replicated one to one according to the original shape. The key point is the machine core. This kind of watch will install the original Swiss mass-produced machine core, mainly ETA series. The machine core is not different from the original one in function and will not shrink in function. However, due to cost considerations, it may be possible to use an unpolished version of the same core, or a lower grade of the same functional core. But in this way, the price of this imitation watch will not be cheap. For example, the cheapest six-needle multi-function machine core on the market now costs nearly 2,000 yuan. Therefore, for this reason, the price of such watches is not very cheap, and only a few enthusiasts and high-end buyers with economic strength will choose. However, due to the scarcity of imports of ETA series, many need to be customized installation. Many businesses will install second-hand refurbishing machines or use domestic imitation machines to impersonate imported machines, which need to be carefully identified, and must not be fooled by the so-called "Swiss machine core" claimed by some businesses.

2. Grade 1 to A

This is second-class, usually called fine imitation and duplication. The first standard of this kind of watch is the high requirement of the shell, which is one-to-one computer laser moulding with the true watch. Generally speaking, the mould making of this kind of imitation watch is first-class, and the equipment for developing this kind of watch shell should be at least one million. This kind of watch shell can not be produced by ordinary small factories. This kind of imitation watches are not rich in varieties, because each kind of watchcase has a high cost to open the mold, watchmakers will not randomly develop new styles, generally are very popular styles will open the mold manufacturing. Although the choice is small, the quality is guaranteed. The shell of this kind of high imitation watch is actually the same as that of the first class. The key point is that the machine core is equipped with domestic imitation machine or Japanese machine core. Domestic imitation of ETA mechanical core is better made by Seagull and Shanghai Factory, which can be said to be the most cost-effective mechanical core. In order to ensure the essence, the machine cores of these two factories are usually installed. However, some businesses will install cheap imitations from manufacturers such as Hangzhou, Dandong and Jieyang, and they also need to pay attention to identification. The Japanese machine core mainly uses several models of Meyoda in West Railway City. The cost is about the same as that of Seagull and Shanghai factory. It depends on the watch and function to decide what kind of machine core to install. The author also manages such and first-class products on Amy, such as noob, HBB V6, KW and so on. Because making first-class and second-class products requires considerable strength, so there are not many manufacturers, currently no more than 10.

3. General imitation tables

This is the third class. The characteristics of this kind of table are that there are many kinds, which are different from the first two top-level imitation tables. Some small ports of this kind of imitation tables can be assembled. And there are all kinds of brand products, from high-end Patek Philippe to low-end four-line brand, as long as you know the style, basically can be found. Because most of them are small-scale molds, the accuracy of the case is often much worse than that of the real one, and there is also a gap between the literal face of the dial. Generally, Pearl core, Tianjin core, Beijing core and other mechanical core are installed, but there are also many domestic or imported quartz core installed. Stainless steel case is used for the case with better quality, and alloy plating case is also used for some cases. It is important to know that the price of the equipment for opening the steel mould and the equipment for opening the alloy mould is one order of magnitude different.

4. Fabricating imitation tables

Such watches are similar in workmanship to ordinary imitation watches, but the style is not imitation according to the original version of the genuine watches. Some watches are even full of imagination. Only logo and genuine watches are the same, others are not the same.


One of the common lies of high imitation watch sellers is that our watches are assembled in Switzerland (Hong Kong, Taiwan), which is different from those assembled in China. —— This is a complete lie! At present, all high imitation watchmakers are located in the Pearl River Delta region of China. Saying that high imitation watches are assembled in Switzerland, Hong Kong and Taiwan only means that the seller has not contacted the real manufacturer or fabricated a lie to sell at a high price.

High imitation watch sellers often lie two: my watch is AAAA (or A+, super-precision imitation and so on) level products. —— There is no such classification in the industry. The quality of high imitation tables depends on the opening accuracy and the machine core. It is not a simple classification that can be summarized. The seller expresses his good quality and wants to make more money for you.

High imitation watch sellers common lie three: the machine core is "imported from Switzerland" with the same machine core as the original. —— Only a few high imitation watches can install Swiss machine core, and it is impossible to install some brand-produced machine core, even if there are ETA mass-produced machine core.

High imitation watch sellers four common lies: my high imitation watch's fidelity can accept special counter inspection.