Good or bad custom ceramics for watches

- Apr 18, 2019-

Influenced by the design style of Bauhaus in the West, more and more watchmakers have begun to integrate watches with fashion design to produce watches with various styles. With the continuous development of new watches customization materials and other technologies, many new materials have begun to enter the watches market, especially ceramics.

The custom-made ceramic watches are comparatively modern. Moreover, their surface is very clean, wear-resistant, stable in physical properties, acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance, no discoloration and discoloration, light in quality, and pollution-free. It does not hurt the skin. Compared with the stainless steel strap containing nickel metal, nickel is not good for human skin. Many people are allergic to it. The weight of watches has always been an annoying problem. If a watch with a larger diameter and a certain thickness is fitted with a solid stainless steel strap, it will weigh about 150 grams. The strap on the hand really falls off the wrist. High-tech ceramics seem to be lighter than titanium materials, not to mention the thicker strap, but the inner strap is all supported by plastic parts (except for precision ceramics) which is more troublesome when disassembling the strap joints.