Gift Watch Factory tells you the meaning of sending watches

- Mar 15, 2019-

                      Gift Watch Factory tells you the meaning of sending watches

There are so many meanings in sending watches. Do you know what it means to send watches? Shenzhen Koda Horologe Factory will tell you:

The meaning of a watch given by a boy to a girl is:

1) Walking a little bit also means luck.

2) Watch homophonic expression, expression of love, on behalf of my heart, meaning of love.

3) Spend every minute with your beloved and stay with you forever.

4) I will give you all my time in the future, which means eternity.

5) See you every day, every now and then, every minute, every minute with you.

Girls give boys watches.

1) Just to let your time be controlled by her, your time is her time.

2) Hope he thinks of himself all the time and his best time!

3) Think of me all the time, and remember that someone is waiting for you every minute and every second.

4) Always by your side, foreshadowing a lifetime of inseparability.

5) I will be remembered in every second. I can communicate with you every minute!

The meaning of sending watches between friends is:

1) Cherish our minutes and seconds, foreshadowing long-term friendship.

2) Hope the watch can turn out good luck!

3) I hope my friends have good luck every day!

4) Hope that everyone with a watch will be happy every day, and luck will always be around you! ___________

The meaning of watches given to children by adults is:

1) Hope to be a good punctual child from an early age.

2) Hope to grasp the time to learn from an early age and become useful talents.