General knowledge of daily maintenance of automatic mechanical watches

- Apr 19, 2019-

Pay attention to waterproofing

Waterproof should be paid attention to in any watches, because water will damage the parts of watches, automatic mechanical watches are no exception. Although some watches are marked with waterproof function, but the waterproof ring also has a service life, so when using, pay attention to waterproof is the daily maintenance of automatic mechanical watches.

Pay attention to earthquake prevention.

Strong vibration may destroy the structure of automatic mechanical watch. Vibration of movement type will affect the stability of the movement of the machine core. Vibration of knock type will also cause unstable travel time, and may also cause the fracture of the pendulum axle. It can be seen that the daily maintenance of automatic mechanical watch should pay attention to shock prevention.

Pay attention to antimagnetic.

Strong magnetic field will magnetize iron-containing parts inside the automatic mechanical meter. If these parts are moving parts, they will affect the normal use of the automatic mechanical meter. Daily, we should avoid contacting mobile phones, radios and so on. Special attention should be paid to the inaccessibility of nuclear magnetic resonance instruments.

Pay attention to the length of wear

Fully automatic mechanical watches make use of human arm swing to automatically top the chord. Normally, they need to wear more than 8 hours a day to ensure accurate walking time. For the suggestion of long-term sitting in the office with less exercise, it is still necessary to manually top the chord, or often shake hands to help the top chord, to ensure the normal operation of the watch.

Keep clean

Watch to keep clean, often wipe with a soft cloth strip, into the dust-laden space remember to take off the watch, remember not to open the back cover of the automatic mechanical watch casually, in order to avoid small dust into the watch affect the normal movement of the watch.

Regular oiling

Under normal conditions, the lubricating oil added to the parts will evaporate and dry, and the friction between the parts of the new watch will produce metal chips. Therefore, it is necessary to carry out a cleaning and refueling in two to three years, which can not be ignored in the daily maintenance of the automatic mechanical watch.

Friendship tips

If the automatic mechanical meter is not used for a long time, remember to regularly string it, so that the parts can run in time, so as not to lose performance for a long time.