Four Standards for Men to Choose Watches

- Mar 28, 2019-

What are the criteria for men to choose stainless steel watches? Nowadays, people wear wristwatches with stainless steel hands, which are often regarded as jewelry. For men who only wear rings as a kind of jewelry, wristwatches are paid more attention. So, what are the criteria for men to choose watches? Now the small editor teaches you how to choose watches.

Shape: Watch shape is often related to its price and grade. Watches worn on formal occasions should be solemn and conservative in shape, avoiding weirdness and fashion. Men, especially dignitaries and elders, should pay more attention.

Colour: Choose watches for formal occasions. Their colour should not be complicated and messy. It is generally advisable to choose monochrome and bichrome watches instead of three or more colours. Whether it is a monochrome watch or a bichrome watch, its color should be clear, noble and elegant.

Function: Timing is the most important function of a watch. Therefore, watches used in formal occasions, whether pointer, jump-type or time-reporting, should have this function, and should be accurate to the time, minutes, and seconds is better.

Category: Watches can be divided into many different categories according to different standards. In social occasions, people usually differentiate their kinds according to price. According to this standard, watches can be divided into luxury watches, high-grade watches, middle-grade watches, low-grade watches and other four categories.