Four Maintenance Methods of Electronic Watches

- Mar 22, 2019-

For modern office workers and businessmen, electronic watches are necessary ornaments, which can symbolize the identity of men. It is suggested that the maintenance of watches should be done every two to three years, such as replacing waterproof components, testing travel time performance and power consumption of machine cores, cleaning machine cores, and maintaining appearance. Such maintenance services will effectively prolong the use time of watches. Below by Shenzhen Yakang Watch and Clock Processing Factory to share with you the maintenance of electronic watches:

1. Do not put electronic watches in wardrobes with camphor balls to avoid deterioration of watchoil. Do not put watches on power amplifiers, audio and television sets to avoid magnetization. Do not open the back cover of watches at will so as to prevent dust from entering the machine core and affecting the normal work of watches.

2. When wearing watches, sweat on hands is corrosive to the case. All-steel case is nickel-chromium alloy, which has better corrosion resistance. Semi-steel case is copper. It is easy to corrode because of long-term contact with sweat. Sweat should be wiped off with soft cloth or padded with plastic support to prevent sweat erosion of electronic watches.

3. When you receive a beloved electronic watch, when you remove the outer packing, you must keep the packing boxes used for protective watches. These boxes can provide the safest protection for watches when they are not normally fit to wear. They can avoid watches being broken or collided. Therefore, it is absolutely necessary to keep the packing boxes. It is also recommended that you form a habit of putting them in boxes when you do not wear watches on weekdays. Internally, it can greatly reduce the probability of watch damage.

4. Ordinary electronic watches are damp. They can be pressed on the watches with dry cotton and baked with 40-watt electric bulbs for 5 minutes. If the quartz electronic watches are damp, a few small pieces of calcium chloride can be taken and wrapped in gauze. Then they can be opened and put together into a non-leaking plastic bag or glass bottle. Sealed, generally about 3 hours can be dehumidified, so that the electronic meter returns to normal, for the damp table can be extended the time of moisture absorption.