Five great ways to help you choose a good Watches

- Oct 12, 2017-

Five great ways to help you choose a good Watches

Today, watches have become personal business cards, wearing what kind of watch, you can see this person temperament, taste, and even identity. So, when people choose watches, always strive for excellence, but how to choose a cost-effective best watch? Do you have any mistakes when you choose a watch?

1 advantages: quartz, mechanical hard to compete

Normally, mechanical watches are more expensive than quartz watches, but this does not mean that mechanical watches must perform better than quartz watches.

The most important difference between quartz watches and mechanical watches is that which energy source is used to drive the watch core. Mechanical watches have a spiral, when people to watch winders, the spiral also was tightened. When the helix is released, it begins to move the watch core. Quartz watches use a battery as an energy source. The battery output power to the electronic watch and a motor, every second electronic block will output a pulse wave to the motor, motor driven by hand operation. Therefore, from the time point of view, quartz watches are more accurate than mechanical watches.

In addition, it is generally believed that mechanical watches run longer than quartz watches. But it may not be true, because watch nets are quartz watches, and all the running parts and mechanical watches are the same. Although the life of electronic components has not yet been fully tested, it may also have the same life. Therefore, consumers can fully believe that a good quartz watch can provide the same service period as a mechanical watch.

Quartz watches and mechanical watches, however, have their advantages and disadvantages. Quartz watches have the greatest advantages of high timing accuracy, easy to wear, and easy to make very thin, very small, fashionable sense. The mechanical watches of the watch core more technical, but the watch thickness is generally relatively large. You should choose quartz watches if you are easy to plan and require a high degree of timing accuracy. If you are a small, very thin quartz watch, you have to consider whether it is convenient to change batteries, because the smaller the battery, the thinner the more expensive.

2 pick material: watchcase varies from person to person

Watch shell material, common gold, gold, titanium, stainless steel, semi steel chrome, alloy shell, etc.. K gold watchcase only brand, high-grade table used, the price is generally in the tens of thousands of yuan; while half steel (only the back cover is stainless steel), chromium plated a kind of watches are low grade table, watchcase is easy to corrosion. The gilt case is beautiful, but not sure. The gold plated thickness (including the watchband) is also easily worn off. If you want to choose gold-plated watches, the coating thickness is best at 10 microns or more. The table is more durable Ti gold, but the color does not look good. The more popular ones are the double color watch case (gold or gold-plated and stainless steel). They are beautiful and durable. The gold watch is more expensive than the full watch steel, and the leather watch is much cheaper than the watch with the same steel strap.

And sweaty people or people who love sports, outdoor workers, long-term contact with chemical acid-base substances (such as medical workers) should wear stainless steel shell watches. Mercury containing chemicals can damage gold and gold plating and tarnish gold. Copper plating on the table, head, watchcase and strap inside the side is easily corroded by sweat, so that the coating off. Steel watch with hollow core and solid core points, empty core watchband is lighter, belongs to low-grade watches, solid core strap is more durable.

The studs and strap buttons between the strap sections are the easiest part of the watch to wear. Watch the watch carefully while buying the watch. Some watches are closed for long periods of time, where problems such as "Butterfly" buttons are easy to break, and the ceramic strap is broken easily. These should also be considered before buying watches.

3 watch your voice and choose your watch?

As the saying goes, "listen to the table, listen to the sound, listen to the sound of gongs and drums". The early experience of the repair master table will always put the watch affixed to the ear, change position to listen to the voice of the watch changes shaking his head placed brain, when moving to speculate the watch as good and bad, it is full of experience and skills. The master clock trained with regularity able to balance oscillation frequency of the watch, and even listen to is not a "rough stopwatch".

The most simple understanding of listening to the essentials of watches, in fact, is to listen to the changes in the position of the watch, when it changes the sound of time. A watch with faulty or damaged parts will change as the position changes, and the sound of leaving time will be obvious. Some change periodically, and the sound is longer and smaller. Because of this, listening to watches can only detect whether the fault of the watch, and can not fully represent the quality of watches.

But for the average person, listening to watches requires experience, it is better to do comparison, that is, more listening and more practice, different structure size watches, time travel sound is not the same. In general, the men's voices to the female form is much smaller. As for the position of the table, you should choose the commonly used position, that is, the flat surface, including the dial surface and the surface of the table". In addition, there are three elevations: the table, the bottom, the table, the left and the table top. There are five positions.

4 maintenance: consider carefully

Watch the service life and the correct use and maintenance of watches are closely related, such as bathing, wearing the watch watch appearance dirty, watch strap length discomfort, bad environment, are likely to cause damage to the watch, shorten the service life.

In the high-end watches every two to three years should make the corresponding maintenance, replacement of waterproof components, detection performance and power consumption as core, cleaning and maintenance movement appearance, so the maintenance service will effectively prolong the using time of the watch.

Of course, the more expensive watch maintenance costs are also higher, such as ROLEX watch oil prices generally at 2000 yuan. And watch strap and glass delicate appearance, if the case is special days after it may not be easy to match. So, buy watches also watch network to consider the customer service service and spare parts supply, watches in general, the problem of popular goods such as ETA watch movement movement watch and big brands are not large.

5, choose: Switzerland is not necessarily the cheapest to buy

Early watches were so expensive that they were mostly used to show off their status and status, apart from timing. By 1920, worn on the wrist on the table has been popular, after several years, the Swiss watch industry has been ranked the leading position in the world. Many manufacturers committed to the functional combination of watch, pocket watch, add calendar, timer, automatic winding function, and miniaturization, so that the popularity of watches. Today, Switzerland has a vast majority of the world's top brand watches, Swiss watches can be regarded as "capital".