Filaments - the heart of a wrist watch

- May 29, 2018-

Filaments - the heart of a wrist watch

The filament is an important part of a mechanical watch. It is composed of the filament, the inner pile and the outer pile. It is like the heart of a clock.

The yarn is mounted on the pendulum shaft by the inner pile, and the outer pile is fixed on the pendulum splint. Balance spring components to match the balance wheel parts, stable oscillation period, determines the watches as accuracy, therefore, the balance spring material, length, thickness, rigidity and balance spring box directly affect the watch quality as well.

Whether it's a clock or a wrist watch, a piece of thread that runs like a heart will attract people's attention in the first place. In 1675, the Dutch huygens invented the flat hair, the same principle as a pendulum, just the pendulum depend on gravity, and the balance spring elastic potential energy on its own, so that the original Great Wall clock can get rid of the pendulum, use the balance spring, into a small clock, at the same time also make smaller portable meter - pocket watch appear when possible.

Still have a kind of double layer filaments, also call carry frame filaments, namely breguet filaments, because manufacturing craft is complex, cost is higher, use only individual high-end brand only.

Breguet double balance spring: traditional plane balance spring, in the process of vibration due to pile and outside (fixed structure, the influence of the expansion of the balance spring - contractions are different heart, eccentric games from the vibration period easily, thus affecting accuracy as well. While the wirework of hanging frame can make the system of rotating wheel wirework concentrically in motion and improve the precision of the clock.

Simply put, the inner end of the smooth filament is fixed on the inner pile, while the outer end is fixed on the outer pile. The inner end is also fixed on the inner pile, while the outer end is bent, wound and installed on the outer pile.

Your watch hairspring confuse basic it is man-made, under normal circumstances, balance spring are gentle round (to pendulum shaft concentric), and collective agreement (in addition to the curve part), from inside to outside rotation in line with the Archimedes helix. Balance spring is also watch one of the most important parts in the it directly affects the oscillation cycle and watches as accuracy, only when the watch is very severe shock, or vibration, may not happen until the balance spring