Exploring the meaning of a girl's watch wearing a watch by the left hand

- Jan 29, 2018-

Exploring the meaning of a girl's watch wearing a watch by the left hand

In the case of girls, the watch should be worn where I know? What are the views of watch wear?

which hand to wear?

Watches are worn differently by men and women. Interestingly, the key points of the veins of men and women are distributed in different hands, the left hand of a man, and the right hand of a woman. The medical profession believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that a man's blood flows from the distal part of the heart to the left, while women are the opposite. This draws an important conclusion: If a man wears an oriental pair of lions on his left hand, no matter what the material of the strap, gold, silver, plastic or leather will affect the normal work of the heart , While women are very lucky, do not change the habit of wearing the watch on his left hand.

The meaning of a girl wearing a watch on her left hand

►►► To wear the watch on the left hand seems practical

Most girls like to wear watches on the left hand, because the right hand is used to work at work is not like right hand feeling of discomfort, and the watch is worn on the right hand can not watch the time to correct it with the left hand to see the time, The average girl's watch is not necessarily luxurious, delicate but certainly durable and precise

►►► Wear on the left hand is the ideal incarnation

Time sense, girls generally few people wear watches, because wearing a watch is sometimes very troublesome, like simplistic girls even for the decoration will not wear a watch but with other items such as bracelets, rings and the like easily removed. Most of the girls wearing watches have a sense of urgency, mostly hard-working, serious efforts to deal with things.

►►► Wear on the left hand is the embodiment of noble character

Almost all Xiaobian know wearing a watch girls have many common characteristics of choice, that is loyal to be honest, although has a kind face, but treat strangers very indifferent, because such people are good at summing up experience and lessons, at a loss Growing up, the world grew to learn hypocrisy, with the false face of evil villain, but the gentleman to treat the witness is not the case, because often summarize their knowledge function is very alarming.

►►► Wearing the left hand is a quiet expression of restraint

The same characteristics as girls, but the difference is that the quiet is mostly calm and heavy. Do things cautiously, not easy to talk about right and wrong, not easy to make decisions, often thinking about social issues, individuals make a very cautious decision.