Exploring Apple's technological and technological efforts to develop the Apple Watch

- May 08, 2018-

Exploring Apple's technological and technological efforts to develop the Apple Watch.

The Apple Watch not only recognizes each touch, but also feels the strength, thus opening up the new dimension of the control interface. Around sensitive Retina display screen has many tiny electrodes, Force Touch through them to perceive the difference between tap and press, and then at any time should you need make a series of related reactions, such as into the operation of the "information" menu, or choose a different on the surface of the model. This is a new and significant new sensing feature since multi-touch.

[Apple is given about the Human Interface of the second answer, is the Force Touch. Can be seen from the whole system of Apple in the UI design concept is further, like the Z axis is provided by shallow to deep, and to some extent to apply as the center, this and the Google Android Wear card logic is quite different. It seems to me that Apple is the most suitable for the current situation and future development of smart watch, while Google's idea is more like an art in the design of web page, Focus on each interface beautiful and not practical, (imagine a player, a song and a song of button respectively on two interface), and is a kind of "beautiful" represented by web design, very straightforward like poster, very very very lack of the consideration of wearable devices of ecological environment, and even hinder the development of Android Wear, applications are deeply buried in the depths of the system, and use the list of rough type said, called on the UI design without any innovation creation, kui it still higher relative independence, Google is logically it positioning in order to inform device from the system. The Apple is, in turn, although WatchKit open at present appears to be Apple Watch as lightweight notice + control tool, the early main is used to let developers familiar with the new platform, and let the iPhone applications on Apple Watch, but on the whole system logic have very independent design, it opens next year after local development in the future will be very seamlessly into the new period, because never reduced application status, and is a foresight, Also can see the Apple for the Apple Watch the high hopes for the future. In the UI design, deep black color on the beautiful sex does not lose to friends, Apple is equivalent to the existing IOS design do it again the Bauhaus style, has kept some of the most important symbol, simplify the structure design, rather than, for almost all structure all insist on preserved in different ways, such as the main interface into a new form of radiation sphere center - have to say this a lot of people think is "dense phobia" interface but I feel very imaginative, On the interface of the dial so small how to retain the application in the centre? New configuration method is the first to think about. Obviously, Apple wants to talk to the industry, "centering on the scene" the future of smart and intelligent household design trend, does not need to abandon the "application" for the center operation logic. Perhaps Apple itself also have thought, considering all kinds of wearable devices, wrist device is the most suitable as the center, so the future will be like likely, the original iPhone as iPod is attached to the computer, and then slowly the iPhone began to separate, IPhone has now started sounding as the center of the ecosystem status, you may sometimes feel like it or Mac or AppleTV and Apple Watch, is to a certain extent in order to expand the use of the iPhone, chartered or Mac is in order to better input, such as the device in order to better reading, Apple Watch in order to better control, and only the iPhone is really you need every day holding device, at the same time, all the operation can be transferred to other devices in the ecosystem. Can be expected, Years after Apple Watch after computing capacity of strong, and the continuous improvement of the input method, the wrist device will probably become the new center of ecosystem and other equipment are the development and application, maybe it is a long way, there are a lot of big problems to solve, but Apple think it may be. So Apple fundamentally reluctant to cut Watch OS structure, but through a variety of forms to think on your wrist through a new way of human-computer interaction. It will be more effort. Digress, Force Touch is to increase Apple Watch UI operation level of interaction, not only can you see a dimension of action, and after pressing a new dimension, greatly increased the operability of the equipment, and always stay in the original interface, to avoid the user for never ran to another interface button to generate confusion, after pressing the frosted glass background also for this. This is Apple human-computer interaction for wearable device should do to make the second answer."