Error Analysis of Watch Travel Time

- Apr 18, 2019-

1. The accuracy of watches varies according to the type of watches'core.

The mechanical watches vary according to the type of the machine core and the quality of the manufacture. The errors of the general watches within 30 seconds per day are within the normal range. Some of the more accurate mandrels, such as the Observatory Series, can reach about 10 seconds. Generally speaking, quartz meters are of high accuracy. The Swiss standard is that the monthly error is within 15 seconds. Some of the precise mandrels are within seconds of annual error.

2. Five common reasons for the errors and inaccuracies of watches:

1. Is there insufficient power storage?

You need to check whether the power is sufficient. A mechanical watch with automatic chain-up may cause insufficient power storage if the amount of movement is very small. It can be supplemented by manual chain-up, and then observe whether there is a continuation of the phenomenon of speed.

2. Is there insufficient electricity?

If the quartz watch suddenly slows down, it may be due to insufficient battery energy, you can send the watch to the special maintenance point to check the power.

3. Have you ever been hit or hit?

Watches are very tight. If they are hit or smashed, they may cause internal parts to loosen and damage. They may also cause travel time problems.

4. Should it be maintained?

Oil shortage of the engine core or wear and aging of internal parts may cause travel time problems, which need to be maintained and sent to designated maintenance points for maintenance services.

5. Is the watch magnetized?

If the spindles of a watch are magnetized, the watch will not travel accurately. The influence of wearer's usage habits may lead to the increase of travel time errors. But you don't need to worry about it. Please send it to the designated maintenance point and ask the professional to check and adjust it. It can restore the watch to the normal error range.

Customized friendship tips for high-end watches: watches are precision objects, because of various reasons may affect the accuracy of its travel time, so it should be taken to repair points at intervals.