Eight bad habits that will destroy your wristwatch

- Apr 10, 2019-

Many people know how to choose and buy watches, but they don't know how to maintain the watches they bought at a high price. The following eight bad habits are possible.

Destroy your love watch invisibly.

1. Teach calendar at the wrong time

At present, the common calendar with wrist watch adjustment is forbidden. If you have to teach, before 22 o'clock, after 1 o'clock is better. TIPS: Big Three Needle Calendar Hand

The table does not know the 24-hour instructions. You can first adjust the forward time to drive the calendar to beat, then determine the 24-hour instructions, and then adjust the calendar.

2. Put the watch in the box and keep it still.

Watches should always be taken out and worn, and they can easily break down if they are prolonged. The dryness and oxidation of the lubricating oil between the parts of watches have an effect on the running time of watches when they are stationary for a long time. It is recommended to go on the chain twice a month and maintain normally for 3-5 years. Store in a dry environment.

3. Electronic products magnetize watches

Mobile phones, computers, iPads and other digital products are not the main culprits, the most powerful are speakers, machine mahjong tables, television and so on.

4. Overpolished case

Overpolishing can also damage the metal on the case. Even many 316 steel watches will have hardened and other plating. PVD gold plating and so on can not be excessive polishing.

5. Water intake

Except for the water-proof 300 meters or special diving watch, other watches can not touch water for a long time, or even just water-proof life. Many people don't know the waterproof grade. Keep in mind that 100 meters can barely get wet. 200 meters can soak in water. The sign below 100 will be easy to get into the water. No watch is allowed to sauna or touch water vapor.

6. No maintenance for a long time

Just like cars, watches have to be maintained regularly so that they can last longer.

7. Overwinding

Too much is too much, and so is the upper chord. Generally, 80% of the hair should be maintained.

8. Do not use chronometer function correctly

As one of the most common and complex functions, chronometer is also a favorite function of many people, but not everyone knows how to play, if not properly operated, it is easy to damage the machine core.