Durable is the only advantage of full stainless steel watches

- Sep 05, 2017-

Actually, full stainless stell watches not only have durable advantage, but also have rust, corrosion resistance, anti-magnetic, high strength, environmental protection (when wearing the skin is not prone to allergies) and so on.

Owing to nanotechnology and Application of Titanium in Watch, full stainless steel watches become a hot selling luxury goods.

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Nano is a unit of length, 1 nanometer is one billionth of a meter, which is equivalent to ten hydrogen atoms one by one row up the length. 20 nanometers equivalent to one thousandth of a hair. And nanotechnology refers to the nano-size range, through the direct manipulation and arrangement of atoms, molecules to create new substances. Today, nanotechnology has been successfully applied to energy, information technology, biomedical and other advanced areas of human civilization on behalf of the progress. Battery using nanotechnology, can make a very small volume to accommodate the great energy, the car can be the same as the toy car to the battery as the driving force; with the mixing of nano-particles of cement built buildings, can absorb the degradation of automobile exhaust, like a forest Take a deep breath! In the watch manufacturing process, the application of nano-technology, the appearance of high-gloss watch surface coating treatment, so that the surface hardness increased to more than 2 times the hardness of stainless steel. Greatly enhances the abrasion resistance of the watch, so watch perishable wear and maintain the timeless beautiful.

What is Titanium? Titanium is found in the Earth's shell, its appearance can be bright and shiny metal, or silver gray, dark gray powder. Titanium hard texture, harder than steel 30%, titanium than steel to light, strong corrosion resistance. When exposed to the air, the titanium surface will form a layer of tight and tough film, and then can resist some of the metal will erode the material, the strongest for the brine. Titanium wristwatches are comfortable to wear, because they are not in the nickel and not to stimulate the skin, even when the sweat wear and no effect. In addition, because of its light and hard, so the titanium metal table more durable.