Do you wear your watch with your left hand or your right hand

- May 09, 2018-

Do you wear your watch with your left hand or your right hand?

How to wear the watch, is it to wear the left hand, or the right hand? It has always been a big question for many friends who need to wear a watch regularly. But it is not easy to answer such a seemingly simple question, so I would like to share with you a few different perspectives today.

First, the so-called "medicine".

This is partly because this is the so-called comparative science. "Chinese ancient medicine believes that the" inch - guan - chi "site contains the secrets of health and success in life. When the pulse is clear and uniform, it shows that the person is energetic, happy and tough. The key part is "inch" because it corresponds to the condition of the heart. Interestingly, the key points of the pulse of men and women are distributed in different hands, men's left hand, and women's right hand. The medical profession believes that the reason for this phenomenon is that men's blood flows from the end of the heart to the left, while women do the opposite. Thus reached an important conclusion: if a man put a table on the left hand, no matter the strap is made of what material, gold, silver, plastic or leather, etc., affect the normal work of the heart, the woman is very lucky, don't have to change to a table on the left hand on the habit." In this way, many boys are used to wearing their watches on their left hand as if they were "not scientific enough". But, as with the question of whether to wear a mask, many people give their choices.

Second, "the man left right" said.

No matter what to do, especially in China, "male left female right" is an important part of the "conventional", so some friends choice now wear table, will also follow the "rules" to wear, and this kind of "rules" also good, idea, or indeed in a real "about us" a lot of people's life, and this effect is "ancient times". It is said that the custom of "male left female right" is closely related to the philosophical view of ancient people. Ancient Chinese philosophers believed that the two opposite sides of the universe are Yin and Yang. Natural things have size, length, up and down, left and right, and so on. From this, the ancients classified it as big, long, upper and left as Yang, small, short, lower and right. The Yang is strong and the Yin is weak. Man's character, male sexual violence strong belong to the Yang to the left, female sexual tenderness and belong to the Yin to the right. So, in practical terms, many boys wear their watches on their left hand, and some girls wear them on their right hand, which is also affected by this concept.

Third, the so-called "habit" says.

We often say "habit is a second nature", whether it is for what reason, or forget myself is why, but the subconscious will put a table on one side, such a feeling is actually a kind of habit. Cousin, for example, take this question to some friends, some of them is straightforward "which side which side wear comfortable", "it is like to wear the right", "has been put on the left", and so on, actually my cousin was asked them how to explain from medical Angle, but they seem to never worry about this problem.

In fact, there is an important point of view that is "according to need", that is, depending on what you do, or exercise, it is more convenient or appropriate to decide which side to wear. Once, see a friend in the wear a watch, is being installed luxury watches, one side is smart watches, he says it's monitoring physical needs, but don't feel right, wear a suit, a smart meter and so on one side Dai Zheng table, side wear smart meters, although my cousin what do you think is a bit "weird", but can understand a "need" for him.