Do you want to know how to make a wooden watch

- Jun 27, 2018-

Do you want to know how to make a wooden watch ?

    After a large round of designing the Autodesk Inventor, a one-to-one drawing is printed and glued to the wood. After finished the case :

1) then use drilling machine in casing drilling, the first three holes on the side of the drilling, with another big piece of wood to maintain 90 °

2) first drill the largest hole at the bottom of the watch case, with a diameter of 38 mm.

3) drill the smallest shell hole, 32 mm diameter.

4) when the most difficult action is finished, go to the band saw and cut the basic shape.

5) but you can't escape the fate of grinding with your hands.

6) use the belt grinder to grind it to the line.

7) then make the bottom of the watch plate, which is also in one-to-one drawings. It's very convenient. A band saw was used to make a cut, then a file was applied to the line, which was very accurate to prevent the inner core from moving left and right.

8) put the sandpaper on the glass and finish grinding the bottom and top of the dial. In this way, it will be perfectly glued together.

9) two MDF were used to help glue the dial.

10) after a night, mark the number with a soldering machine, but it's just a line.

11) after a lot of preparation, I finally began to cut out the shape of the chain block.

12) drill with a homemade drill. The drill, as it is called, is actually a nail, 13) and then the chain block is cut off on the band saw

14) now make the ring mouth, it is used to lock the watch lens. First drill the 35 mm diameter hole.

15) then use a small drill to drill around the decorative shapes.

16) then cut the basic shape on the band saw and round it with a circular mould in the belt grinder.

17) make the crown and soldering marks mechanically and apply oil