Do you realize some details of the watches?

- May 22, 2018-

In western countries, watches and pens and lighters were once called the "douyafus" of adult men. Watches are not only man's jewelry, but also man's most important jewelry. The types of watches can be divided into luxury watches, high-grade watches, mid-range watches and low-grade watches. When to choose the watch must take into account factors related to personal occupation, appearances, contacts, and other clothes selected at the same time. 

There are some shape of the watches. Generally speaking, they are round, oval, square, rectangular and rhombus watches. Watches worn on formal occasions should be dignified and conservative in modeling and avoid strange and fashionable. New and fancy watches are only suitable for girls and children.

A watch color selection, worn on a formal occasion. Its color should be kept in a cluttered mess. Generally,it is advisable to choose monochromatic watches or double colored watches, and watches with three colors or three colors should not be chosen. Whether it is a monochromatic watch or a two color watch, its color should be clear, noble and elegant. The dial, watch case, and strap are gold, silver and black watches, which is the best choice.

The pattern of the watch, except for numbers, trademarks, factory names and brands, there is no need for any other patterns on the watch. The main faction of the watch is chronograph. And it should be precise to time and minute, and it is better to be accurate to second. Watches that are accurate to the time are obviously not up to the requirements. Whether it is pointer worker, jump type or time report, it should have this function.

In a word, the function of a watch is less and more precision, and there should be have practical value.