Do you know the principle of watch luminous

- Jan 17, 2018-

Do you know the principle of watch luminous?

Lead: After a hundred years of evolution, the luminous material of watch has a huge change, some of these small details you may have not noticed it.


There are three kinds of materials

 1  Fluorescent materials, which are now generally luminescent materials, are energized by light and slowly released in the dark, generally maintained at 7 hours up and down, the luminous intensity is slowly weakened. Now most of the watches used in this Materials, materials for the paint-like which is used by most watches, including Japan's light storage material is more better. 

2  Tritium tube is filled with pure B source Tritium, tube coated with fluorescent material, but this fluorescent material does not have light storage function, but the use of tritium B-ray excitation light, B ray cannot penetrate the wall, as long as do not break the pipe, harmless to people. This luminous system is rare in the market, the appearance of a thin glass tube stuck to the hands, the current use of the luminous main Lumniox Traser Boer table and some foreign military table .

3.   Radium coating is rare. Before the labor, Pei, Europe, etc. All of them use this luminous, radium salt (later changed to tritium) and fluorescent powder mixture applied to the table needle and nail next to the table, if you open the table mirror, the human body can be in directly contact to radioactive elements, in addition, radium salt is also easy to corrode the watch heart, so now no longer using and most of the light storage material instead.


Now, have you got it?