Do you know the famous watch movement brand ?

- Jun 25, 2018-

                   Do you know the famous watch movement brand ?       movement classification:

Watch movement brand:

ETA movement: 1.

ETA Manufacture SA Horlogere Suisse is a Swiss manufacturer of Mechanical/quartz watch clock movement. Owned by Swatch group Swatch group of Switzerland, the world's largest watch group, ETA itself is formed by the merger and acquisition of several core factories, including the famous Adolf Schild(AS), Valjoux and Unitas.

2.Miyota core: the Miyota core

Miyota (full name :Citizen Miyota Co., Ltd.) is a Blank movement manufacturer of Citizen watch in west rail city, Japan. It is one of the largest Blank clock manufacturers in the world. Founded in 1959 under the name Miyota Precision Co., Ltd. In 1991, it was renamed Miyota Co., Ltd. In 2005, through equipment exchange, it became a subsidiary of west rail city watch and became its current name.

2. There are six main types of watches according to their core functions

1. Electronic core,

2. Optical kinetic energy machine core

3. Human motion core

4. Quartz movement

5. Manual machine core

6. Automatic machine core

Iii. Explain the Japanese movement:

Time Force has now replaced all its watches with the miyato core, one of the most popular in the world, so it's easy to maintain