Do you know the classification of silicone watches ?

- Aug 09, 2018-

Classification of silicone watches

      Currently, there are three main types of silica gel watches on the market: 1. Jelly watch adopts a large square or round face with a thick silica gel band. The design is inspired by the appearance features of jelly. 2. Paipai watch band adopts the gluing technology in the silica gel industry to place the elastic steel sheet on the die for positioning, and then it is formed by pressing in the vulcanizing machine. The strap has the elasticity of steel sheet and soft feel of silica gel. It also adds an interesting shrapnel to the watch. 3. Negative ion meter: the negative ion meter USES some ionic trace elements, such as negative ion powder and titanium powder, which are added to the silica gel raw materials for mixing, so that the silica gel band has trace radiation and promotes blood circulation.

Simple comparison

      Silicon rubber has better high and low temperature resistance than pure organic rubber. Conventional rubber is frozen and crunchy in space, where the sun cannot reach it. As a space material developed silicon rubber, the biggest characteristic is not afraid of high temperature and can resist cold. Both at 300 ° C to 90 ° C under extreme conditions, it can be poised to keep its chemical structure, do not lose the original flexibility.

There is no bacterial growth compared to natural rubber. And its surface tension is very low, not easy to be soaked by sweat and rain deformation, with a strong waterproof corrosion. As a result, silicone rubber products in the natural environment of the mission life for decades.

Silicon rubber is not omnipotent, its tear resistance in rubber is a lower class. Therefore, the connection part between the silicon watch band and the metal ring is easy to cause small cracks due to larger external forces. Therefore, when using the silica gel band, it is necessary to pay attention to the connection part between the band and the metal ring, and do not pull hard. In addition, soft cloth is often used to clean the silica gel band, to remove some hard dust particles, to prevent its scratch on the surface of silica gel to produce small cracks, but also effectively extend the life of the band.

Identify methods

      The method of identifying silica gel is more complex than that of ordinary rubber, and the infrared spectrum analysis can scientifically determine the varieties of corresponding materials by different absorption peaks on the spectrum. But for consumers it is only through the senses. Generally speaking, silica gel products are colorless and tasteless, and transparent when no pigments are added. If different dyes are added, black silica gel and colored silica gel can be obtained. But rubber products have more or less a taste. Natural rubber, on its own, has a protein taste, whereas rubber, which is made from sulphur, has a special taste. As for some people judging by the softness, it's not right to think that silicone feels softer than rubber. Because ordinary rubber or resin materials through different additives, the same as silicone products can be soft.