Do you know how to identify sapphire mirrors?

- Aug 14, 2018-

Sapphire crystal mirror is actually not made of sapphire.The mirror is a synthetic material and is called sapphire crystal mirror. This material is hard and wearable and has good transparency. The English name is Sapphire crystal galss, which translates into sapphire water glass.But the main ingredient is alumina, the same as natural sapphire, which was originally used as an artificial compound developed in the military field, which was gradually developed into optical and precision industries, for extreme harsh environments.

The synthetic sapphire has a hardness of 9 degrees Moore,second only to diamond and pure natural sapphire. After knowing what sapphire crystal mirror looks like, let's talk about identifying it.

1.Watch the wrist watch's dial or back will be marked with English SAPPHIRE or Sapphire Crystal     logo.

2.Breathes on the mirror, and the fog quickly disperses the sapphire mirror. The general             situation is that when the mouth is exhausted, the instant will disperse, and then the surface     will no longer be foggy.

3.Tap the mirror lightly with your nails. The heavy sapphire crystal is the heavy voice. The sound   of ordinary crystal or glass is quite crisp.

4.Drops of water on the surface, and then the mirror vertical, water droplets will not spread but   slowly flowers slide down to prove that it is a sapphire crystal mirror, the other material is     spread into a piece.

5.With a nail on the mirror gently scraping, sapphire mirror will feel smooth and no resistance,     and the sense of blockage is ordinary glass crystal.