Do you know criteria for evaluating the movement ?

- Jun 20, 2018-

  Do you know criteria for evaluating the movement ?


1, plywood is smooth movement (some very low block), gold plated or rhodium plated (for more advanced movement), before electroplating, some advanced machine core plywood will use different decorative pattern, as all the well-known Geneva stripes or relatively low ZhenZhuYuan wen. (spiral or overlapping circles)

2. All screws must be polished and polished to give it a perfect appearance.

Surface grinding - polishing - chamfering screw or surface grinding - polishing - external rim foot - screw opening groove edge inverted foot, screw after the assembly of the surface must be absolutely flat with the splint.

3. All steel parts must be polished and polished.

4. Ratchet wheel and gear are equally important to enhance the sense of core quality and rotate ratchet wheel.

5. The grinding of the machine core can be improved by setting in plywood or additional high-quality stones. Dark color or transparent stones can be used.

6. The invisible parts need to be polished just like the visible parts, and the bottom of the splint (the core surface and drive parts under the dial) is also specially shown to be properly polished.

7. The gold carving on the surface of the splint is completely dependent on manual work, especially some beautiful front core