Do u know how to adjust time for watches

- May 08, 2019-

We all know that there are 24 hours a day. The date of the watch changes only during the day, indicating that your watch is 12 hours faster or slower. If it is a watch without a calendar function, it will not affect our use at all. But watches with a calendar should pay attention to this problem! So how to adjust?

Note: When adjusting the watch time, remember that you cannot rotate the head counterclockwise. And the action is as slow and soft as possible, otherwise it will cause damage to the date component of the watch!

In the first step, the crown is pulled out and the hour, minute and second hand of the watch are stopped, so that the "adjustment time" state is entered. At this point you need to adjust the time to 6 o'clock. This is done to avoid damaging the date module when the date is adjusted for a while.

In the second step, the crown is pushed back, so that it enters the state of “adjusting the date and week”. But this is the watch pointer that starts to move, but you don't care about him. We continue to adjust the date.

The third step is to adjust the date and week to the previous day. For example, today, Thursday, 26th, you will adjust the date week to Wednesday, which is 25th.

The fourth step, here is the last step, when the date is adjusted to the previous day, the watch crown is pulled out again. Re-enter the "adjustment time" state, and after seeing that the watch hands are all stopped, start adjusting the time clockwise, and find that the date jumps when it is close to 12 o'clock. It means that it has entered the time of today (if the date has not changed after 12 o'clock, it means that it is still the time of the previous day, then continue to adjust the time to 12 o'clock in the evening). When the date changes, adjust the crown to the current time to push the crown back completely. The pointer can be rotated normally.

Watches are one of the indispensable accessories for many people in modern times. Not only does it allow us to check the time at any time, but it also reflects the temperament and taste of the wearer! But the problem of adjusting the date of the watch always plagues everyone. The above adjustments hope to help you.