Do ceramic watches break easily? How to maintain it in peacetime?

- Apr 01, 2019-

High-tech ceramics are really afraid of falling and hard to break. The harder things are, the more brittle they are, so if the ceramic watch falls on the hardened ground such as marble or cement, there will be cracks or debris spalling (it will not be a problem if it falls on the wooden floor). Therefore, ceramic watches are afraid of collision with hard objects. As long as you pay attention to this, the watch is very durable.

Because ceramic watches are strictly "high-tech ceramic" watches, they are not a thing with ordinary ceramics such as altars, pots, dishes and spoons. High-tech ceramics and ordinary ceramics are just similar in the process of high temperature setting, and they are all called ceramics. Therefore, even if the high-tech ceramic watch falls, the possibility of complete fracture is not very likely, usually only small pieces of peeling. It can't be repaired and repaired. Only ceramic parts can be replaced.

In peacetime maintenance, there are not many places to pay attention to, that is, anti-falling and anti-collision. Go to crowded places to reduce arm shaking, you can put the arm in front of the abdomen, because the probability of face-to-face impact is minimal. But if the arm shakes and collides with a foreign body, the possibility of injuring the ceramic watch is not small. In addition, the surface of ceramics is fairly clean, so fingerprint imprinting will be particularly obvious, just wipe with a cloth frequently. Ceramics are not afraid of water, nor sweat, suitable for summer.