Diving inner ring and outer ring

- Nov 21, 2017-

Divers love to carry a small amount of oxygen tank, in order to reduce the weight of the underwater, but the amount of oxygen and the size of the oxygen bottle, so familiar with the diving equipment will be equipped with a measure of oxygen, diving table timely strengthening of this need . Rotating outer ring can be said that the greatest feature diving table, played a reminder of diving time. Rotating bezel marked scale 15,30,45, because the general diving oxygen bottle can only adhere to 45 minutes, there are some individual mark 60-minute scale. The first 15 minutes are colored or specially marked as the diver strictly obeys a 15-minute safe stop on ascent to fully release the nitrogen gas absorbed from the gas cylinder. Usually just turn the bezel while diving, the 0 bezel on the bezel on the minute hand, and then watch the minute hand to move the scale on the bezel to know the dive time. Of course, you can also countdown to use, first of all know your dive time, rotate the bezel minute marks on the minute hand, then minute hand to 0 scale time is your dive time, that is 0 scale position is your dive Extreme time.

External bezel rotation is designed to be a single anti-clockwise direction, which is to ensure that the calculation of the time only accounting for more, not counting less to prevent misuse extended the time out of danger. Professional fluorescent coatings on scales and numbers make it easy to see clearly when there is dim light in the water. In recent years, the newly built built-in chronograph ring has no restriction on the direction of rotation because the crown of the control bezel must be locked before launching. For example, Aquatimer Cousteau of all countries, built-in chronograph bezel can protect the tips, without the need to additionally open a hole in the case. Another benefit is that there is no need to clean the sand inside the seam of the bezel case after the water has run out. In fact, the 1,000 people who bought the dive watch may only have 5 chances to dive into the depths of 50 meters. Compared with the nominal number, more players are in love with crisp answers when rotating the bezel. Omega's Ploprof coaxial diving watch rotating outer ring attached to the orange button above the right side of the case to control the rotation, either clockwise or counterclockwise rotation, this dive watch outer ring can be two-way rotation design is relatively rare. In fact, there is no craft bezel can be cast, but Blancpain's fifty series watch single rotating bezel distinctive. Designers using sapphire crystal over the fluorescent scale (rather than ordinary high-tech ceramics), more particularly spent years of painstaking research and development of a bonded fluorescence scale material and sapphire bezel and metal bezel glue, And applied for a patent. Rolex uses patented PVD technology to encase the bezel with a rotating bezel, enabling a zero-degree indication of the triangle on the graduated bezel to be visible at night or in the deep due to the use of a new luminescent material that emits blue light.

All diving watches are equipped with eye-catching luminous hands and ticks, because divers are often in the deep dark sea, so the dive watch pointer, scale or surface usually coated with fluorescent materials, and deliberately enlarge the size of the pointer and scale, In order to allow users to read the time easier.

The early luminescent material was Radiomir, which was discontinued due to its excess radiation. Now the most commonly used luminous materials Super-LumiNova and tritium gas pipe. Super-LumiNova is a new material that absorbs gamma-ray light stored in the light for more than 10 hours, but the intensity of light emission decays after a certain period of time. Tomorrow tube luminous Ming (also called "gas lamp") is a big leap in modern luminous technology. The use of tritium gas pipe is Ball's glorious tradition. The advantage of self-illumination is not only high brightness, but also long life - it is said that the useful life of up to 25 years.

The principle is that the mineral glass tube coated with phosphorescent material is filled with gaseous tritium, and the tritium B-ray is used to stimulate the reaction of the phosphorescent material to produce a cold light source which is free from any dazzling light and heat and does not burn or explode. Tube wall can be isolated from the B ray, as long as the tritium tube is not broken people harmless. Tritium trachea does not require external energy sources or external light reflection, you can always maintain a stable and lasting glow 10 to 20 years. The tritium tube nocturn is on the back cover of the watch case with 3H illumination and the mbmicrotec letter logo. The tritium tube nocturnal (also including the temperature and the second hand) is on all Bauer watches and scales. The only bad thing about doing this is that the hands are heavy, especially the seconds hand, which should have a slight impact on the watch's walking time. To keep things balanced, the watch's second hand has a "long tail" or two RR's "Flower tail." Panerai Radiomir's dial luminous effect is achieved by applying a layer of special paint to the markings and indicators. The paint is a mixture of zinc sulfide, radium bromide and new thorium. The compound invented and formulated by Panerai was also a major feature of Florentine's sighting and viewing instruments. The powerful glow allows the instrument to illuminate itself in complete darkness without the need to borrow ancillary lighting that may be found by the enemy.