Differences between mechanical and quartz watches

- May 15, 2019-

The accuracy of needle walking is the first consideration when selecting a watch. Quartz watches use quartz oscillator to replace the pendulum wheel in mechanical watches and use its correct high-speed oscillation to time the watches. Because of the different quality of the watches and the influence of gravity on the inner parts of the watches, the time error is relatively large. Compared with quartz watches, the accuracy of mechanical watches is somewhat worse.

Power aspect.

Quartz watches are powered by batteries, which can be converted into kinetic energy by a quartz oscillator to drive the needle to move. Compared with mechanical watches that require a chord, the quartz watches need only periodic replacement of batteries, which is relatively simple. But mechanical watches also have automatic winding, that is, by shaking the watch, automatic winding can be achieved.

Use time.

Generally speaking, the service life of quartz watches is limited by batteries, which is relatively short. After 5-8 years of use, the quartz oscillation will decline, the relative accuracy will be reduced, and the batteries will be replaced every 1-2 years. The mechanical watches do not need to change batteries, and regular oil maintenance can be used for more than 20 years.

In terms of weight.

Quartz watches are lighter than mechanical watches when worn on hand, because the original parts of quartz watches are mainly lightweight objects such as resistors and capacitors, while mechanical watches are mostly heavier mechanical objects. Although there is no obvious difference in weight, it can be distinguished over a long period of time.


Quartz watches contain many small parts, usually the maintenance cost is high, so if the quartz watches have a big breakdown, the original factory will usually require a new machine core directly, the maintenance cost is high; mechanical watches are relatively easy to maintain, although it is also troublesome, but the replacement is easier, mainly will not easily go wrong.


Quartz watches are much cheaper than mechanical watches. For the same type of watches, the difference between the two watches is at least five or six hundred, and the difference between the two watches can reach several thousand at most. Xiaobian asked several watch counters, and found that most of the ordinary domestic quartz tables are about 1500, while the mechanical tables are generally more than 2000.