Diamond cutting process with diamond set

- Apr 27, 2018-

Diamond cutting process with diamond set

Different watches have different style orientation and different feelings. The diamond-encrusted process is generally used in the watch case, the watch ring and the strap, and the part is used on the dial or the scale, and the cutting method used in different parts of the watch is generally different. As one of the embellishment of the details, the cutting method has different effects. After a round cut diamond has always been a popular traditional style, the fashion watch will use the pillow cut style. If it's a couple, the heart cut will make you feel more romantic. If you pursue the noble temperament, the long echelon cut is very good complement; There are also some young people who like to show their personality, and the diamond-shaped face cut by horse eye should be more suitable for everyone's taste. People who advocate simplicity can see more square cutting...


Pillow cutting

The so-called occipital cutting refers to the shape of the diamond in the shape of a pillow, which is a kind of cushion, which is a rectangle with rounded edges. Pillow shape cutting is popular in jewelry field in recent years, after cutting, diamond fashion sense is stronger.


Circular cutting

The circular cut is widely used in the diamond-encrusted watch, which can reflect more light. Scientific practice proves that the circular cut diamonds of 57 accumulation areas of reflective value is one of the biggest, can maximum limit reflects the bright light of diamonds, is the most conforms to the principle of reflective way of cutting.


Heart shape cutting

Heart-shaped diamonds come from ancient India, but heart cuts are less used on watches and are used more often in wedding rings. Because the heart itself is a symbol of romance, its proportions are just right for the diamond to shine.

Long stepped cut

The long ladder comes from the Italian word "bacchetta," which means "rod or stick." The number of facets is about 20. The long ladder diamond is a special rectangle. Most rectangles are cut into "staircase", which means the mesa is cut into steps, and the mesa is parallel to the edges, showing the pyramidal shape at the top. The bottom and the mesa are square with triangular facets.

Horse eye cutting

The horse eye cut diamond is also known as the olive-shaped diamond, the boat shaped drill, its diamond fire color is the most outstanding. The shape of a horse's eye cut diamond increases the carat weight and makes it look bigger. The classic equine cut diamond has 56 flaps with long, pointed ends, and the standard length ratio is 2 to 1, which is 2 times the width.

A square cut

The square cut is also called emerald cut, which comes from the structure of emeralds. Cut into a rectangular staircase, the elevation is smaller than other shapes, the cutting difficulty is larger, but can reflect the luster of the gem very well. Because the line is stronger, it is more suitable for men to decorate.