Development process of Tourbillon

- Oct 16, 2017-

  1. >Tourbillon

    The first generation of tourbillon is the inventor of the tourbillon technology Swiss watch master Louis Breguet research and development success, when the invention is mainly used in pocket watch, and later evolved into two, the first is both the balance wheel center and flywheel center Coaxial on the same axis. The second category is the balance wheel center and the flywheel center is not on the same axis of the eccentricity is also called non-coaxial.

  2. >Flying Tourbillon.

    Mr. Louis Breguet invented the tourbillon technology in the watch industry after 100 years of history, no one can shake or break through his top craft until 1927 by a German watchmaker Alferd Helwig manufacturing success without "flywheel Fixed bracket "Tourbillon pocket watch, to improve the table when the operation of the mystery and dynamic artistic beauty. In this combination, the "balance wheel plywood" must still rotate with the flywheel, this second-generation tourbillon table also has two types of coaxial and eccentric.

  3. >Mystery Tourbillon

    The third generation of tourbillon technology by our Chinese watchmaker Jiao Da Yu in 1993 in Hong Kong "Tianyi Xuan" invention made successful. This generation of tourbillon relative to the previous two generations of the improvement is to cancel the "flywheel fixed bracket" and in the first two generations essential "flywheel rotation frame", and the "wheel plywood" material from the original metal material change For the sapphire glass, and does not rotate with the flywheel, so that the improvement not only reduces the weight of the flywheel but also increases the timing stability.

  4. >Double tourbillon

    Tourbillon technology from the original single tourbillon breakthrough to double Tourbillon, China's domestic watch "Beijing" and "Seagull" also has the ability to produce double tourbillon