Daily watch maintenance and watch knowledge

- Mar 15, 2019-

First, please don't close watches to magnetic objects.

2. In case of water intake (air), the maintenance point should be sent to clean immediately to avoid rust of the machine core.

3. If there are protective sheets or labels on the back of the watch, please remove them before use, otherwise sweat will seep into the backing paper and cause the back of the watch to rust.

Fourth, do not contact watches with various solvents and chemicals, otherwise the watchcase and straps will be corroded and discolored and corroded.

5. Watches (quartz watches only) can operate steadily and accurately in the range of 5 C to 35 C at room temperature. Over 50 C will lead to battery leakage or shortening of electricity.

Pool life. Do not keep the watch in low temperature - 10 C for a long time, because air-conditioning will cause time to slow down or go fast. When the watch returns to normal temperature, the operation will resume.


Watches can be divided into diving meters, waterproof watches and non-waterproof watches according to their waterproof performance. Watch waterproofing relies on waterproofing aprons in glass, back cover, handle, etc.

Achieving the corresponding standards and dividing them into different levels:

1. SwEAT-RESISTANT: It's very easy to understand, just to prevent sweat from running into the table;

2. General waterproofing (WATER-RESISTANT): It doesn't matter if you occasionally encounter water. For example, you accidentally spray water on your hands. You don't need to be nervous. It's okay to take it off and wipe it clean. In a word, it's to prevent accidental little water flowers in your life.

3.30M waterproof (30M, 3ATM, 3BAR): Watches with the words "30M" on them are waterproof watches, which can be used in daily combing or rain, but mainly to prevent the machine core from being damaged by dust and moisture. 30m waterproof. Professionals explain that each square centimeter area can withstand pressure of 3kg, which is equivalent to the pressure of 30m water depth at rest, equal to the pressure of three atmospheric pressures. For our ordinary consumers, we only need to remember that 30m is the basic elementary waterproof meter.

(4) 50m waterproof (50M, 5ATM, 5BAR): Watches with the word "50M", that is, 50m waterproof watches, are what consumers really mean.

Waterproof watch, can be used for swimming and general household waterproof watch. Don't adjust the meter in water.

(5) Diving meter (100 meters waterproof, 200 meters waterproof, 300 meters waterproof) is a professional waterproof meter, which can be used for underwater work such as swimming and diving.

Warm reminder:

1. Any waterproof meter should not be brought in contact with hot water and steam (such as hot bath, sauna, etc.).

2. Avoid using in the environment where the temperature varies greatly. The temperature difference will condensate the moisture in the air inside the meter, which will cause the water mist in the water intake and the meter.

If there is fog in the watch, please go to the professional watch maintenance department for cleaning and maintenance as soon as possible.

3. Watches are precise instruments after all. Please use them carefully. Good use habits can increase the life span of your watch. Bad habits can shorten the life span of your watch.