Correct winding method and precautions for watches

- Apr 03, 2019-

The watches that need winding generally refer to mechanical watches, which are divided into manual mechanical watches and automatic mechanical watches. Manual mechanical watches need to be winded regularly (preferably at a fixed time every day) through the crown and twisted clockwise. With regard to the concept of "right", the main purpose is to prevent the occurrence of the situation of falling clothes. The most common hand-operated mechanical watch with power reserve of about 40 hours can be screwed down about 25 times for the first time, and no need to continue to screw when the power reserve is not full. The sign that the hair is full is that the crown can't be twisted clockwise. But sometimes people mistakenly think that the unscrewing is a jam, and continue to screw, then if suddenly the winding can be twisted again, the winding will be broken in all likelihood. Therefore, in addition to the long power motor core (power reserve of 100 hours or more), the ordinary manual mechanical watch can be twisted 25 times a day, which is also more protective. The long power motor core should be screwed down 40 or more. The general principle is that if you can't twist it, don't twist it hard.

Automatic mechanical watches are the development of manual mechanical watches, so they have the basic elements of manual mechanical watches. If you think the arm shakes the upper chord too slowly, it's also possible to twist the crown 25 clockwise. In addition, because the automatic mechanism of the automatic mechanical meter is not as controllable as that of the human hand, the automatic mechanical meter has a function of idling with full clocks, that is to say, the clocks of the automatic mechanical meter will not break no matter how many times the crown is twisted by the hand. You can only hear a little click that releases extra energy (this delicate sound is very easy to ignore, hard to hear when you are awake, and you can't feel it after drinking).

Correct winding method and precautions for watches

Winding: A position at the crown, clockwise rotation of the crown, magnetic sound, the sense of resistance is winding, usually around 30 turns is considered full. It is suggested that the winding should be done after adjusting the time. It should be noted here that the automatic mechanical watch is different from receiving the mechanical watch, even if the full string will not have a tight feeling, because there is a slippery device, will release many upper strings, in order to achieve the purpose of protecting the machine core.

Note 1:

1. Automated mechanical watches continuously supplement energy through the swing source of the automatic gyro. If you wear it for less than 8-10 hours or your arm moves less, then the supplementary energy of the automatic gyro will be insufficient naturally. When the watches are attached for a period of time, you find that the time is not accurate, so you can periodically and appropriately add a certain amount of manual winding to the watch.

2. When a watch is in a state of great errors or stops when it is running, it is mostly caused by insufficient winding, not by the machine core.

3. Ordinary watch handles can be pulled out directly, while the swing-in handles (the swing-in handles refer to the internal thread of the watch handles, like the screw caps, clockwise into the lock, counter-clockwise out to open; the swing-in handles are usually used on watches with higher waterproof standards) need to be unscrewed counter-clockwise before they can be pulled out. At the same time, remember to lock the handles after the use of the watch. Surface water.

Notes 2:

1. Watch calendar, week, month phase adjustment should not be operated between 21:00 PM - 3:00 AM. For more knowledge or enough to buy watch, please buy online voice: 37 watches. During this period, the calendar function is in operation, but also when the gear engagement is low, frequent actions will damage the internal parts of the watch, calendar adjustment operations need to be at 12:00 (12:00 in the 24-hour system, because at 24:00 on the jump date, the gear is jamming position, 12:00 when the gear is separated from each other).

2. Sunday calendar skipping can be divided into two types: fast and slow. The first one is completed within (+5 minutes) and the second one is completed within 3 hours.

3. If a watch with spiral crown is used, do not pull it out hard. Please turn the lock crown counter-clockwise first. After adjusting the time, turn the crown clockwise and push it into the lock to avoid water inflow.

4. If a watch with a calendar needs to adjust the date, please first adjust the calendar to the day before the date you need, then turn the hour hand to adjust the date, when the date will change after 12:00 midnight, so as to avoid confusion caused by direct adjusting the date.