Cool wind watches can help you cool down in summer!

- Nov 10, 2017-

Cool wind watches can help you cool down in summer!

In hot summer, you should wear a watch like this to cool yourself down!

Neutral, calm and restrained, a little more fresh than the minimalist style, but also a sense of high and design. Normcore, go to the country, we just gave an odd and interesting translation: cool wind.

This trend, this trend has also been swept into the watch circle in recent years, several little-known new brands come to the fore. This is related to the collocation of the watch itself, quietly hanging in the wrist, not only "great hidden in the city" to highlight the dress, but also in the overall style of harmony into harmony.

The Huangmei summer day and then the weather, which several of the light wind watch, may give you cool eyes. What, wear watches also see the season?



How cool is the wind?

In many people's eyes, Germany is also one of the cradles of cold style.

This image has been delivered by many other fashion products, such as Bauhaus, as well as Jil Sander, a German born designer. In terms of manufacturing technology, "German manufacturing" four words basically represents a low-key, pragmatic, sedate and appropriate.