Comparison of belt watch and steel belt watch ,what different ?

- Jun 29, 2018-

Comparison of belt watch and steel belt watch ,what different ?

     The leather strap is soft, supple and comfortable. It also avoids the allergic reaction to human body caused by the leakage of nickel metal like wearing stainless steel strap. Therefore, the fastidious people generally prefer to use the leather strap. The color and design class of the strap is also diverse, such as Crocodile, Lizard skin, Cow skin, Ostrich skin. The most common is a watch band made of cow leather.

      To be strong and durable, the leather strap must not last longer than the metal strap. The normal life of wearing a strap is 2-3 years, which is a "consumable product". But have a bit of affirmation, want to wear normally only at ordinary times and do careful conserve, can raise its service life greatly, this and the reason that wear leather shoes is the same.

Like everything else in the cortex, water (and human sweat) is the last thing on the strap. After being immersed in water for a long time or exposed to moist environment, the leather strap will become hard and brittle immediately. So you should never wear a watch with a leather strap to go swimming (or do anything with water for a long time). Long - term sweat soak soak retting, still can make watch strap moldy change flavour. If you're a particularly sweaty person, it's not appropriate to wear a leather strap. Apart from the hot season, they are more suitable for wearing leather strap. Many people have two watch bands of metal and leather that are suitable for epithelialization in cold weather and metallic in summer. Still have more careful person, can take down the imported watchband that the watch original matchs, and match at ordinary times the watchband that homebred other specification is equivalent to go to substitute, these all can be regarded as gao Ming's move. You can also learn from this.

Long-term strong sunlight irradiation, can make the surface color of the leather strap decolorize, still can accelerate the aging of the cortex, some chemical reagent also can make the surface color of the strap discolorate or decolor; And wear pull too hard, often fixed position is also prone to cracks in strap (bigger is easy to fracture band bending rate), so the wear band also should slow some action carefully enough.

A better strap, with both sides stitched together with thread; The base of lower grade is to stick with glue, after the watch band is stained with water (sweat) or mildew, which is the most easy to open glue. If you find any open glue or crack on the surface, you should replace it immediately to avoid losing the watch.

       Said so many leather strap use, maintenance, maintenance of attention items, and comparison of the use of steel chain strap. Note that the use of the strap above is rarely seen in the steel chain because of the material differences, but careful maintenance is still required. Nowadays, most of the metal straps are made of stainless steel, and some of them are made of PVD ion plating. If used improperly, the gloss of stainless steel will drop and the color will be dark. Ion plating watchband will also change color, fade color. The stainless steel band needs to be polished for a period of time, which also helps to extend the service life. In particular, it should be noted that even stainless steel watch strap is also afraid of water. If it is accidentally touched by water, it should be cleaned in the shortest time, otherwise it will rust in a long time.

      After comparing the two, you should have a preliminary judgment. The leather strap is elegant and high-grade, but the maintenance is complicated and needs careful use. The use of steel chain is less scruple, good durability, easy maintenance is also a concern. Make a positioning evaluation of yourself and you'll know what kind of strap to choose.