Common Sense of Wearing Watches in Summer

- May 22, 2019-

It's hot in summer and sweating is very common. After wearing a watch, it is easier to sweat, which may damage the watch. Watch factories have no way to deal with people's worries, but they can do a good job of daily maintenance, strengthen the maintenance of watches and extend their use time.

Summer sweats more, some materials when wearing, will encounter sweat, watch straps become green, this is also happening to maintain the situation, at this time there is no good way for individuals, and it is better to take professional shops to clean. And when they wear them in summer, they should also strengthen the work of cleaning and maintenance, do not ignore the usual, and in summer, a little sweat, will become dirty. Watch factories see more is that watches do not have the original gloss, and there may be wear and tear, which is unavoidable for any watch. So for the outer shell and the watch chain, we should often do internal maintenance, generally oiling, and then to thoroughly clean, can not do it by ourselves, we need to find professional personnel to operate. High-end watches need to be cleaned and maintained regularly, so they can't be cleaned casually at the stall.

No matter what kind of watch you wear in summer, you should pay attention to getting wet by rain. If you encounter bad weather, you should take off your watch in time and put it in a dry and safe place, even if it has good waterproof effect. Don't be too lazy to take off your watch when you take a bath. Watch factories suggest that we should pay attention to strengthening the protection of multi-watches in peacetime, especially in summer, and more seriously to protect, prolong the use of beloved things.