Common Problems of Watch Damage and Four Ways to Maintain Watches

- Apr 18, 2019-

After we buy watches, we often encounter some common problems of watches. Then how should we deal with them and how to maintain them correctly?

Watch water intake:

Solutions: Watch water intake situation is also different, the general tap water is also better handled, if it is sea water or beverage will have a certain degree of Corrosiveness to the watch, the urgent task of watches water intake is to send the watch to the watch repair shop as soon as possible for drying, serious water intake also needs to do washing oil treatment. Can not be placed regardless, if not repaired in time, then water will make the steel parts in the watch core embroidered.

When water enters the watch case carelessly, a granular substance called silica gel can be used to put the watches that have accumulated water into an airtight container together. After several hours, the watches are taken out and the accumulated water disappears completely. This method is simple and economical, without any damage to the accuracy and life of the meter. Silica gel, which has absorbed water for many times, can be dried for several hours at 120 C. with renewable water absorption capacity and can be used repeatedly. Or you can take another way, with the watch facing inward and the bottom shell facing outward, and wearing it on your wrist, the moisture can be eliminated in two hours. If the water intake is serious, it is better to send the watchshop oil immediately to remove the moisture of the machine core, in order to avoid parts rusting.

30m: Daily life waterproof, waterproof splash. You can wash your hands and face in it.

50 meters: daily waterproofing, can be washed with a small amount of cold water, can not be immersed in water.

100m: Diving standard, can be used in swimming pool or sea water surface.

More than 200 meters: diving watch, can be used in the depth of wearing underwater breathing apparatus (according to the diving depth to choose the waterproof standard of wearing watch)

2. Watches are magnetized

How to deal with it: The most direct way is to keep watch away from magnetic field. There are too many opportunities for mechanical watches to touch magnetic field in real life. For example, they are placed next to magnetic objects (such as magnets, mobile phones) which generate magnetic field. In addition, women switch magnetic buttons with handbags and men use magnetic buttons with mobile phones, which may make watches magnetized. Watches are not allowed to leave or temporarily stop. These details require extra care when you wear them.

So if the watch has been accidentally magnetized, how to degaussing the watch? It's better to send the clock repair department to degaussing, because there are special degaussing equipment, which can make the running time of the watch return to normal. If it is inconvenient to keep away from the clockshop, you can find a piece of iron with a circle shape and no magnetism in the middle, stand on the table, wear the watch slowly from the iron circle, and the magnetism on the watch will be absorbed by the iron block; you can also put the watch on a clean iron plate without magnetism, so that the magnetism of the watch will gradually disappear after two days.

3. Watches are not washed regularly

How to deal with it: Here we will divide the watch strap into two kinds of material: belt and metal. We will briefly introduce the maintenance methods for you. Belts, like shoes, need nourishment. Every day, some leather oil can be applied on the straps. Leather oil has protective effect on the watches, which can make the maintenance work more complete. If you don't rest assured of cleaning, you can also remove the straps to the professional service center for maintenance. The professional cleaning equipment is the ultrasonic cleaner.

Belt most afraid of water, if the strap is wet, it should be immediately wiped with soft cloth or paper towel, the dust on the strap can be wiped with a wet cloth, and then gently dry. When cleaning, you need to use a soft brush, dip in some soapy water, and brush quickly. To avoid soapy water penetrating the cortex, the whole process should be completed in 20 seconds. In addition, the belt should also try to avoid long-term strong sunlight, because it will make the color of the belt surface fall off, accelerate the aging of the cortex.

Metal watch chains are beautiful and fashionable, but the glossy surface is more easily stained. First, the chain can be disassembled to prevent the case from entering the water. A proper amount of detergent is added to the hot water and soaked for 10 minutes, then brushed with a soft toothbrush. After finishing, rinse with clean water and dry with electric heater, especially the joints, because metal chains are easy to rust if they are wet (water, sweat stains, etc.). Watch case also needs to be wiped with soft cloth frequently. As for the internal cleaning of watches, clocks and watches should be sent back to the Watch Service Center for maintenance every one to two years in order to maintain the excellent performance and exquisite appearance of watches and prolong the use time of watches.

4. Watches are not used for a long time

Solution: For long-term non-use of quartz watches need to pay attention to some problems, the so-called long-term is beyond the battery life. Silver oxide batteries are mostly used in quartz watches. Like other types of batteries, silver oxide batteries self-discharge even when they are not in use (such as storage). So, I suggest that if you have quartz watches that you don't use for a long time, especially high-end watches, it's better to send the watches to the repair shop and take out the batteries first.

Although mechanical watches do not need batteries, improper maintenance will also damage the life of their use. If you wear it every day, the best way to maintain it is to tighten the winding every two weeks to ensure that its gear is running smoothly. Turn the crown gently until you feel a slight urgency. If it is idle for a long time, it is better to wind up 1-2 times a month. When the wind is completely relaxed, it is better to rotate the crown 20 times to restart the drive system of the motor core, so that the watch can maintain the normal internal mechanical device.