College Students Become the Main Consumption Army of Quartz Watches

- Mar 25, 2019-

There are too many uncertainties in college students'consumption concept. They like a new product on impulse, and may be loyal to a product with nostalgia. Recently, college students in Wuhan, Shanghai, Beijing and other cities have quietly become the main consumers of quartz watches. It is very unexpected that according to previous consumer surveys, middle-aged people are loyal users of quartz watches. Now it is a big surprise to change to college students. Among them, there must be deep reasons for the changes in college students'shopping. How can Shenzhen watch manufacturers make college students who like the new and hate the old fall in love with such watches?

We are already very familiar with quartz watches. Since childhood, we have been curious about the watches on father's wrists. They are like magic boxes, which not only tick and beat, but also provide us with precise time cues. Perhaps it is because of feelings that college students today begin to wear this type of watch after they enter the age of pattern, which is a kind of deep nostalgia for the past. In the design of product style, the manufacturer has also made great efforts to change the rigid appearance design, incorporating fresh vitality details, through the combination of the two, so that college students step by step fall in love with this style of watches.

In University campuses, giving students and couples a quartz watch has become a very popular thing. Shopping products of Shenzhen Watch Factory through the network platform is more affordable. It belongs to the scope of College Students'economic acceptance. Some manufacturers only need 99 yuan for their products. Their appearance design and international brands are the same, which can bring out noble taste. Are there any college students around you? Have you seen the latest fashionable quartz watch on their wrists?