Classification and Characteristics of Watches

- Mar 23, 2019-

Many people who have just come into contact with watches do not understand the types of watches. When choosing to buy, I don't know the kind that suits me. For this reason, the wristwatch home will introduce the types and characteristics of watches to these friends.

Automatic mechanical meter

The oldest type of watch has a long history. It generally refers to a wristwatch that uses a winding box to store power. The starting point of all the power is to send the power from the spring to the secondary, tertiary, quadruple, pentacycle (escaping wheel), clip and pendulum, then the reaction force of the pendulum to the Ma Zai to restore its position before, so that the whole operation process can be repeated and continue to generate power. Mechanical watch can be divided into two kinds: hand chain and automatic chain.

Hand list: By turning the faucet by hand, the upper chain system is driven, and then the full chain of the spring is driven.

Notes: When the first chain is put on, first go up to the full chain by oneself, see how many circles must be put on, and then go up to 8 or 9 points in the same way. Don't over-load the chain, so as not to cause the break of the hair cloth.

Automatic Upper Link List: Drive the automatic disc to swing back and forth by the swing of the arm to achieve the effect of automatic tightening and winding.

Attention: The automatic watch has spring-withdrawing device, so it is not full of chain. When the watch stops, just let the clockwork walk in the last few circles. The rest depends on the swing of the hand when it is worn to achieve the effect of chain-up.

Quartz quartz meter

This is the second generation watch. It uses batteries and quartz oscillator to calculate and display time. Its core is made of quartz. Now it can be divided into pointer quartz watch and digital quartz watch. The biggest characteristic is accuracy. Within normal temperature range, the monthly error is about (+15-20 seconds).

Quartz watches are further divided into:

Pointer quartz meter: After the quartz frequency is generated by the battery power, the IC board is used to divide the frequency and control the coil and the magnetic car, so that it can drive the gear train and turn the pointer. At that time, the minute needle is basically driven by electricity.

Digital quartz meter: The basic principle is the same as the pointer quartz meter, but it has no gear system, and the time is displayed directly by liquid crystal (LCD).

Solar energy meter

Solar cells are made of highly pure silicon wafers, which are specially treated to form two very thin layers. When sunlight or light shines on the surface of the wafer, the light energy can be converted into photocurrent and photovoltage. Current is charged from a high-voltage solar cell to a low-voltage watch battery. In order to prevent the high voltage of solar cells flowing into the wristwatch, there are diodes and resistors inside to act as buffers to protect the wristwatch battery and its life.

Notes: Regular inspection is unavoidable. In addition, it should be noted that plastic or bamboo tweezers must be used when replacing batteries. Metal tweezers are easy to cause short circuit.