Chinese Watchmaker--Ze Hua Tan

- Oct 31, 2017-

Zehua Tan was born in China, a watch family, his father is a very famous watch repairers. He was a teenager to follow his father to learn to repair the clock, three years after the expiration of the apprentice in the watch repair shop for 14 years. He spent most of his career in the repair of watches and clocks, and then in the middle age began to independent tabulation.


His main study is the escapement and long power, so his watch looks may be very common, but the power reserve is amazing. He as an independent watchmaker, tabulation experience is not long, but the achievements in the tabulation is amazing. Including the development of four data and the structure of a completely different movement, but also invented a new sub-axis escapement.


And a lot of independent watchmakers, Tan Zehua not only tabulation, or a toolmaker. He assembled his own machine to make a watch, including a machine that engraved the Geneva pattern, and a milling machine for chamfering.

No. 1 works carrying his first movement, learn from the experience of the 19th century pocket watch, using a 16mm big balance wheel. Although it shows regular hours and seconds, but at 1 o'clock position to increase the traditional Chinese culture of the twelve branch time display sub-dial.


The traditional construction requires the rearrangement of the gear transmission to accommodate the large balance wheel. However, the movement of the No. 1 work is to enhance the shape of the pocket by raising the balance wheel and lowering the splint. Therefore, the edge of the balance wheel is located above the splint for gear transmission.

The position of the gooseneck trimmer is also unique, it is not the top of the plywood, but is mounted on the other end, hanging on the balance wheel. He also used traditional processing techniques, including rounded Geneva treads, fish scales and anti-troughs for screws and jewels