Causes and Processing Methods of Errors in Quartz Meters

- May 13, 2019-

Error range of quartz meter

Quartz watches have high accuracy because they are controlled electronically. Quartz watches are of different types. The error range of travel time is as follows:

1) Excellent products every 24 hours error - 0.5 to + 0.5 seconds;

2) The error of first-class products is - 1.0 ~+1.0 seconds every 24 hours.

3) The error of qualified products is - 1.5 to + 1.5 seconds every 24 hours.

Because of the principle of mechanical oscillation, the accuracy of the mechanical meter is relatively poor. In addition, the higher the frequency of the machine core, the higher the accuracy of travel time. On the contrary, the smaller the accuracy, the lower the accuracy.

Factors leading to large errors in wrist watches

There are two main reasons for the inaccuracy of quartz watches. One is the quality problem of the watches themselves, the other is the problem of consumers'use.

If the quality of the table itself is a problem, it can be concluded through the testing of the relevant national testing departments. If it is a quality problem, the merchants must return, replace and repair according to the regulations. The latter depends on the specific conditions consumers use, such as wearing the magnetic field of the environment, temperature, waterproof, dust and so on.

The errors of mechanical watches are attributed to the following reasons: inadequate activity of users, resulting in discontent with the upper chord of automatic watches, resulting in watches slowing down or stopping; white-collar workers in offices and those with less exercise are not suitable to wear such watches.

How to deal with the big error of quartz meter?

Quartz watches are driven by a high-precision electric pulse generated by an internal quartz oscillator. The accuracy of quartz oscillator will not change, so the inherent error of quartz watch will not change. Battery voltage, external magnetic field and violent vibration are the main reasons for the extra errors. They often stop the meter once or twice when you are not paying attention. The accumulated errors are obvious.

The measures are as follows:

1) Avoid contact with strong magnetic field and strong vibration.

2) Check and replace the batteries in time when it is found that the batteries are slowing down obviously.

3) Avoid excessive heat and cold, such as adjusting the watch in the place with direct sunlight in summer.