Can Ceramic Watchband Be Grinded

- Mar 23, 2019-

Ceramic watchbands are now favored by most wrist watches brands. They are not only gentle in appearance, but also very moist in hand. Even sensitive skin can be worn without worrying about allergies. Nowadays, high-tech ceramic wristwatch is a popular trend, whether black or white ceramics, low-key while showing taste. Compared with other materials, ceramic chains are the most simple and convenient to clean. Can the ceramic watch strap be polished?

Ceramic watchband can not be polished. The advantages of gloss, high hardness, non-rusting and discoloration, non-staining and chemical stability make ceramic materials a new favorite in the field of surface-making. The ceramic watches made of high-tech ceramic composite materials are used in the case and watchband. They have the advantages of good rust resistance and heat resistance, high hardness, non-wear, never fading and not damaging the skin.

High-tech ceramics are sintered from zirconia-based mineral powders (powders less than 1 micron in diameter) at high temperatures of about 1500 degrees C. Like traditional Chinese ceramics, it has stable physical and chemical properties, waterproof, high temperature, fading and corrosion resistance, and its surface is mild and flawless, which can emit a soft natural luster. Compared with the watches made of stainless steel, the weight of ceramic watches is reduced by about 60% and the hardness of ceramic watches is about 10 times that of stainless steel watches. Moreover, ceramic watches have good rust resistance and heat resistance, high hardness, no wear and tear, no fading and no damage to skin.

First clean the surface of the strap, then clean the stain in the gap of the strap. These gaps are so tightly connected that it is often difficult to clean the dirt inside. Now the cracks are opened by a rolled-up cylinder, which can naturally clean the dirt inside.

If you choose a general wristwatch cleaning tool, the general cleaning tool includes old toothbrush

and a special wristwatch detergent. Usually the cleaning liquid is 120 aviation gasoline, but because there are some impurities in gasoline, it is better to filter 120 gasoline with filter paper to remove impurities. Cleaned parts must be blown or dried. If necessary, brush the dirt off the watch or remove the sludge with willow sticks, and then clean it with clean gasoline.

When cleaning, the watches should be pushed in and locked, and the intermediate process is not operable. After cleaning, the watches should be quickly dried with a soft dry cloth. It is better to dry the watches quickly with the hot air of a hairdryer at a suitable distance.

The effect of dry cleaning is certainly not as good as that of rinsing with water. Every dry cleaning should first use toothpicks and matchsticks, first remove the stubborn stains on the surface of the watch, and then wipe it with the kind of cloth that can wipe glasses. The precondition for soaking and washing watches with water is that watches must be waterproof and reliable, otherwise they will not be able to do so because the watches are washed upside down.