By doing these four things, we can collect and maintain watches.

- Apr 08, 2019-

Excellent people like to buy famous watches, but often do not pay attention to the maintenance and maintenance of wristwatches. Compared with professional maintenance organizations, we usually only need to do the following four points, which can easily do the maintenance of wristwatches. Watches are very precise machinery, and watches with excellent brand and technology are also expensive. Collection and maintenance should pay attention to the following four aspects:

1. Keep away from the magnetic field and avoid direct sunshine. The calendar wristwatch with the automatic mechanical core can be equipped with a rocker to avoid the date inaccuracy caused by the wristwatch stopping.

2. Avoid bumping and falling to hardened ground. Golf is not worn, sauna is not worn, etc.

3. Watches should be sent to official or professional maintenance agencies for comprehensive maintenance every four to five years. (Including: polishing watch appearance, cleaning mud and replacing new lubricants, etc.)

4. Collection has the meaning of acceptance, of course, including the most exciting collection about purchase, so-called investment, so-called preservation and heirloom. If we start talking about this topic, we can't finish it in three days and nights. Several examples are cited, such as: enriching their knowledge of watches and clocks, touching, looking, listening and summarizing more, understanding the general style of watches in different years; practicing meticulous eyesight and being able to distinguish true from false in complex environments; paying attention to auction transactions and grasping market hot spots; limited edition watches with No. 1 as their priority, the smaller the number is, the better; acting in a quantitative manner, frugal. By people.