Buying mechanical watch instructions

- May 04, 2018-

1.the mechanical error

The allowable error range of the mechanical watch is ±30 seconds/day, and the average error of the movement certified by the Observatory is between -4 seconds/day and 6 seconds/day. The specific error depends on the movement used by the watch. It is not In accordance with the principle that the higher the price is, the smaller the error is, the swing of the wristwatch of the power source of the automatic mechanical watch produces energy to wind up the winding spring. A completely automatic mechanical watch can run for about 36 hours continuously. For example, it can be worn everyday. Under the circumstances, it can be operated for about 15 hours. If the wearer does not wear or swing less than the above time (the wearer's lack of exercise), it will cause the watch to stop. Before the wearer wears the watch again, it should be fully wound.

2.why the automatic table stops

First of all, what is meant by a fully automatic mechanical watch is that it can be operated by the automatic winding mechanism that can automatically tighten the winding head in any direction (visible in the transparent bottom cover). It can be imagined that only the watch is worn on the hand, and as the arm moves, the automatic gyro will also rotate to generate energy. A fully automatic watch should wear more than 8 hours of hands a day to make up the clockwork energy, but it is not absolute. It is recommended that you wear a watch on the holidays. You can't stop the watch until you wear it in your hand and continue to add energy to the clockwork. Nowadays, people who work in the office often suffer from stopwatches. In addition to the reasons for the movement, it is because the wearer's lack of exercise can not supply enough energy to the spring. If it is for this reason, you can use the hand to dial. Clockwork method to make up.

3.usually do not give the automatic hand clockwork

The automatic meter is based on the general hand dialing the linked list plus an automatic part. The automatic parts include the automatic top and the automatic wheel. The automatic watch we sell is generally at a standstill when coming out of the locker. The salesperson is first needed to help the customer. After the article is made, if the customer can wear enough time every day, the automatic tutor will be able to add energy to the source of the clockwork, so that the automatic watch will go normally. We should advocate that the automatic watch should be used as little as possible, because the hand dials the hair. The article requires the handle to drive many automatic wheels to rotate together, and the automatic parts are very easy to wear, causing customers to increase unnecessary maintenance costs.

In the list of watches, why the hands on the list instead of the error of the general automatic table

The high-end automatic watches on the market (such as Rolex, Omega, etc.) have been certified by the Observatory and require that the average movement error of the movement is between -4 seconds/day and 6 seconds/day. On the contrary, the requirements of the watch manufacturers, the opponent's linked list, are focused on the materials used, which are generally precious metals; and the thickness of the watch is designed to be very thin. The manufacturers believe that the consumer groups of the watches are mostly specific groups of people. The watch will wear different styles of watches depending on the occasion. Such watches made of precious metals are usually considered to be banquet tables. Wearing these watches is mainly a symbol of status. The watch itself does not pay much attention to its accuracy. Therefore, it is not even equipped with a two-finger watch. Waterproof performance.